Wonder Drink Launches Prebiotic Kombucha

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Wonder Drink Kombucha, one of the first brands to help launch the $500 million kombucha beverage category nearly 20 years ago, is now innovating the category with its newest product, Prebiotic Kombucha.

As consumers continue to demand ‘better for you’ but ‘great tasting’ beverage options, Wonder Drink takes the initiative and jumps ahead of the curve by launching a one-of-a-kind, fun and functional, refreshing and tasty kombucha.

Wonder Drink introduces the First and Only Kombucha Brand with an organic PREbiotic fiber to help promote digestive health. Wonder Drink explains how PREbiotics, a form of fiber, are Food for Live PRObiotics…

About a trillion microorganisms, mostly good and few bad, call our gut their home and contribute to our overall health. It’s only wise to feed these good PRObiotic bacteria a diet of PREBIOTICS to tip the balance in their favor.

One of the key differences of PREbiotic and PRObiotic is that: ‘PREbiotics are NOT live bacteria and do NOT naturally occur in the gut like probiotic bacteria’.

Wonder Drink Prebiotic Kombucha contains a certified organic plant-based prebiotic fiber called Xylo-oligosaccharides, which has shown to selectively nourish naturally occurring probiotic bacteria in the gut. By feeding probiotic bacteria with PREBIOTICS daily, Wonder Drink Prebiotic can help promote a happy digestive system.

Wonder Drink Prebiotic offers three fruit-forward refreshing flavors: Ginger Peach, Tropical Mango and Apple Mint. All their fermented teas are made with friendly yeast and bacteria, and they deliver Polyphenols, Lactic & Acetic Acids.

Each 12 oz slim, premium-looking can contains only 10 g of sugar and is Certified Organic, Guaranteed Non-Alcoholic, Non-GMO, Vegan and Gluten Free.

Wonder Drink Prebiotic Kombucha will be launching at the upcoming Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, Calif. this March where you can visit their booth at Hall A #308 to sample and taste the goodness in all three flavors.

Please visit www.puresteeps.com for more information on Wonder Drink Prebiotic Kombucha.