BevNET Live Summer 2019: Vital Proteins CEO on Customer Acquisition and E-Commerce

The ways in which brands can effectively connect with consumers are constantly changing as social media and e-commerce platforms continue to evolve. While influencer marketing has provided a new path for driving brand awareness, for brands it’s no longer just about paying a celebrity to pose with a product on Instagram. To capture consumers’ attention, dollars and loyalty, digital marketing needs to be omnichannel, with a hand in everything from lifestyle blogs to swipe-up campaigns.

In his role as founder and CEO of collagen supplement company Vital Proteins, Kurt Seidensticker has built a strong online presence for the brand by focusing on personalization and authenticity, understanding purchasing behavior and finding the right people and platforms to convey Vitals message. Speaking on June 13, 2019 at BevNET Live in New York City, Seidensticker’s presentation on customer acquisition and e-commerce touched on topics including Amazon selling strategy, data-driven innovation, and how micro-influencers can be more successful at building brand awareness than movie stars.