CBD-Infused Beverage Brand Good Day Launches Two New SKUs

NEW YORK— Premium CBD-infused beverage brand Good Day announced today the launch of its new SKUs, Chamomile herbal tea and Citrus sparkling water. Good Day’s line of premium CBD-infused beverages is designed to keep you balanced throughout every part of the day – Cold brew coffee for a boost of calm energy, Citrus sparkling water for a mental refresh, and Chamomile herbal tea for enhanced relaxation. The Good Day brand was established with the mission to provide clean, functional beverages to support the founders’ belief that everybody can benefit from more good days all around.

Good Day’s CBD-infused Chamomile herbal tea is designed for relaxation and stress release. With just 10 calories and 0 grams of sugar per can, the product’s ingredients include: brewed chamomile tea, organic lemon juice, Vitamin C, and extracts from organic chamomile, lemon, lemongrass, and hemp.

Good Day’s CBD-infused Citrus sparkling water is crafted for steady balance throughout the day. Each can has only 25 calories and is flavored with a blend of organic citrus juices, resulting in only 6 grams of naturally-occurring sugar (no added sugar). The product’s ingredients include: organic mandarin, grapefruit, and lime juice, Vitamin C, and hemp extract.

Both SKUs, like Good Day’s Cold brew coffee, include 15mg of CBD from broad-spectrum hemp extract sourced from Farm Bill-registered hemp farms in Colorado. The full Good Day line is free of artificial additives such as preservatives, sugar alcohols, and “natural flavors” that are commonly seen in many other CBD-infused beverages on the market.

“We are very excited to introduce our CBD-infused Chamomile herbal tea and Citrus sparkling water, which complete our initial portfolio of beverages, giving our customers the choice of different energy options throughout the day. Sticking to our minimal ingredient principle, we carefully crafted these new formulas using the cleanest ingredients available,” said Nick Miller, COO and Co-Founder of Good Day. “Our Citrus sparkling water keeps your body balanced with CBD and refreshed with a tasty blend of real, organic citrus juices. Our tea combines the calming properties of both Chamomile and CBD, for ultimate relaxation, or as we like to say, ‘the new way to close out your day.'”

Good Day’s 8-ounce aluminum cans are sold online direct-to-consumer in 7-packs for a one-week supply at $42 ($6 per can) with free shipping or $35.70 per 7-pack ($5.10 per can) with any subscription plan. Variety packs, which will include two Good Day Cold brew coffees, three Citrus sparkling waters, and two Chamomile herbal teas, will be coming soon. Good Day is also available for sale on store shelves at select retailers across the US. The company established an online direct-to-retail wholesale portal at wholesale.drinkgoodday.com, which also includes free shipping to storefronts, and has also recently signed with established regional beverage distributors. All Good Day beverages are shelf stable but are best enjoyed chilled or poured over ice.

About Good Day

With offices in NYC and LA, Good Day offers premium CBD-infused beverages free of artificial sweeteners and additives for a healthy, balanced lifestyle and more good days all around. With Cold brew coffee, Chamomile herbal tea, and Citrus sparkling water, Good Day aims to provide functional beverages using organic ingredients that provide a boost of balance whenever you need it, seven days a week. To learn more about Good Day visit drinkgoodday.com or follow @drinkgoodday on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.