Enerbee Organic Energy Launches New Design and 6-Pack

MIAMI— EnerBee Organic Energy continues to evolve with a new can design and convenient 6-Pack. Targeting the health conscious and active consumer, EnerBee is now available in fast-growing health and wellness supermarket Earth Fare, and will also be available in major airports and motorway service plazas in Los Angeles, Florida, Atlanta, South Carolina and Maryland this fall via Areas USA and Vistar.

“The natural energy segment is exploding because consumers are increasingly looking for healthier ready-to-drink options. After listening closely to our customers, we decided to introduce a new 6-Pack and took the opportunity to refresh our brand as well,” explains Zach Grossman, CEO of Natural Motives, and a Certified Personal Trainer. “The response has been overwhelming and initially caused some unforeseen shortages in some of our markets,” he continues. “But we were able to sort that out quickly and resume sales, partly because our brand has a great loyal following.”

Currently available in Whole Foods Market/Amazon, Lucky’s Market and H.E.B., among other retailers, Natural Motives has plans to expand the EnerBee line-up with several new flavors in 2020, and continues to be the only certified organic natural energy beverage sweetened with raw organic honey. EnerBee® is popular among health oriented consumers who seek natural energy alternatives.

About EnerBee

The healthy energy beverage alternative, EnerBee is a certified organic and non-GMO verified blend of yerba mate and green tea that is sweetened with raw honey and augmented with bee pollen, ginseng and healthy B-vitamins. With only 80 calories per 12 oz. can, EnerBee provides a refreshing lift throughout the day, and is available in the beverage cooler and grocery aisle.

The makers of EnerBee also understand the importance of bees in our food chain and donate a portion of sales to non-profit organizations whose mission it is to increase awareness and support of the vital honeybee population, and research into Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

About Earth Fare

Earth Fare is an American health and wellness supermarket founded in 1975 in Asheville, NC, that has grown to over 54 locations in 10 states throughout the Southeast and Midwest United States by adhering to an industry high standard of quality along with a vast array of healthy and organic products.

About Areas USA

Founded in 1968, Miami, FL based Areas USA is a leader in Food & Beverage services and Travel Retail. With an international presence and a workforce of nearly 9,670, Areas currently manages 1,111 outlets in concession spaces such as airports, highway service plazas, train stations, shopping malls, exhibition centers, and central city locations. For general information on EnerBee, please visit drinkenerbee.com.