Goldthread to Debut Mint Condition Tonic at Expo West

LOS ANGELES— Goldthread Plant Based Tonics, maker of an entirely new category of healthy, refreshing and functional beverages, and its founder and chief formulator William Siff, will debut their 11th beverage SKU at Expo West: Mint Condition. The expertly formulated product line sources ingredients from the healthiest bioregions in the world to deliver powerful, effective results as the preeminent innovator of plant-based drinks in the natural food and beverage industry.

With key ingredients sourced from sun-drenched, aromatic Mediterranean mountains, surrounded by aqua blue seas comes this new cool, crisp, and refreshing Mint Condition tonic. The “mintaculor” blend combines five kinds of mint, peppermint, spearmint, lemon balm, blue spirulina and Greek mountain mint with lavender, chamomile flowers, linden flowers, monk fruit extract, maple syrup, naturally occurring erythritol and filtered water to enhance digestion and assimilation, relax the nerves and help glide into the flow of life.

“It’s widely known that drinking wild, aromatic plants on a daily basis is one of the great secrets of the Mediterranean people, famous for their vibrant health, and enviable longevity,” offered Siff. “Using ingredients of unrivaled potency and freshness help make this tonic a bright, juicy and refreshing beverage that doesn’t sacrifice taste.”

Siff has been long committed to plant-based solutions for optimizing health and created Goldthread as an accessible way to consume super herbs and spices that deliver optimal results. As an ethnobotanist, acupuncturist, clinical herbalist and Ayurvedic practitioner with a Masters in Oriental medicine, Siff has an innate passion for connecting plants and people at the intersection of timeless tradition and modern science.

Currently, Goldthread offers 10 tonics including Turmeric Radiance, Green Minerals, Hawaiian Ginger, Honey Rose, Lavender Bliss, Japanese Matcha, Schisandra Supreme, Lemon Zen, Elderberry Defense and Tulsi Clarity.

About Goldthread

Goldthread is a plant-based tonic company founded by clinical herbalist and L.AC William Siff with the goal of encouraging people to “drink more plants.” We are not talking more spinach and kale. Think super herbs, adaptogens and spices like ginger, matcha, schisandra, turmeric, nettles and tulsi leaf. Our expertly formulated tonics are packed with 14 g of herbs and spices per bottle to support key functions of the body including energy, immunity, digestion, metabolism, mood and mental clarity. We travel the world to source herbs from their most potent regions and cultivate relationships with local farmers. When you drink Goldthread, you are drinking ginger from volcanic soil in Hawaii, lavender picked fresh from the fields in Provence, and ceremonial grade Matcha high in the Uji Mountains of Japan. Our variety of 11 innovative and health-enhancing formulations are handcrafted and microbrewed to create Goldthread’s line of plant-based tonics.