HFactor Now Available at United Specialty Stores and Market Street

NEW YORK– HFactor hydrogen-infused water is proud to announce that two additional Safeway Divisions have begun carrying its product in Texas, increasing its retail stronghold there. The water, supercharged with molecular hydrogen to deliver powerful antioxidants and reduce inflammation, is now available on the shelves of Market Street and United Specialty Stores.

“The history of each of these retailers is inspiring, both United and Market Street have gone above and beyond for their customers by building real relationships within their communities. It’s well known that United used to go as far as accepting packages for people in the neighborhood! At the core, that sentiment is what HFactor is all about, treating everyone like family and working together to achieve goals,” said CEO and founder of HFactor, Gail Levy.

HFactor Water is hydrogen-infused water that has been shown to increase athletic performance, reduce inflammation and help muscles recover faster – critical elements for the performance-obsessed as well as for the everyday sufferer of aches and pains.

About HFactor

HFactor was founded in 2014 with a mission to change how people consume water. Created by a team of health and fitness product experts, HFactor is naturally infused with pure hydrogen which has been shown to provide therapeutic benefits for fitness, health, wellness and lifestyle recovery. The water is sourced and packaged in the United States and is available online and in select stores nationwide.For more information about HFactor water, please visit their website: hfactorwater.com.