Madrinas Coffee Expands To Walmart Stores

ST. LOUIS— Madrinas Coffee has won significant traction in building audience and converting sales of its Cold Brew Coffee to a sizable and growing digital audience. While direct-to-consumer online sales remain strong for the brand, feedback from their digital audience indicated more retail availability was needed across California, Florida and Texas in order to properly serve them. The expansion into Walmart stores is the brand’s response to this feedback from their audience.

Alex Davis, co-founder and VP, comments on the rollout: “Building audience and demand for Madrinas Coffee is the most important thing we do, so when it comes to expanding the brand’s retail availability, we have to consider retail placements informed by where our audience lives and where they want to purchase our coffees. Throughout 2018, we heard heavy feedback that Walmart was a preferred National retailer for our audience, and our data showed heavy webstore traffic coming from California, Florida and Texas. When we shared this data with Walmart, they were eager to get Madrinas Coffee into their next possible reset, which was in January 2019.”

The expanded distribution into Walmart kicks off a new round of retail expansion for the coffee brand, as co-founder and President Justin Davis describes: “After listening to our audience feedback and studying our first party data from, we built our retail expansion plan based entirely on where our audience lives and where they want to buy Madrinas Coffee. Walmart is a great fit for us because it is an important retailer for our digital audience. We also get a heavy amount of webstore traffic and sales from the coasts, so it is great to be able to add this new retail availability in California and the Southeast. Walmart has been equally as excited about the data that we presented, as it proves the demand for Madrinas Coffee that has been built ahead of the distribution. This is the first in a wave of exciting announcements for our brand in 2019.”

About Madrinas Coffee

Madrinas Coffee is fuel for creativity, imagination and storytelling for the next generation of energy seekers and Coffeeheads. Madrinas Coffee serves Organic Cold Brew Coffees in 16oz cans and Organic Micro Roast Whole Beans designed and crafted for their primarily Gen Z and Millennial audience. Madrinas Coffee’s brews and roasts range from sweet to bold to serve the coffee n00b and the mature Coffeehead. Madrinas Coffee ships globally via the Madrinas Coffee webstore and is available in 7000 retail outlets across the US, including Target and Publix. With a rapidly growing audience, Madrinas Coffee is converting new Coffeeheads everyday with awesome coffee and a powerful message: #COFFEE4FUEL