Pop & Bottle Launches Vanilla Cold Brew Latte

SAN FRANCISCO— Pop & Bottle launches a new addition to their line of plant-based lattes – a RTD vanilla cold brew almond latte. In keeping with their other beverages, this new addition is made with almond milk and blended with date. It is dairy-free, certified organic, contains no refined sugars and is free from gums and emulsifiers. The coffee is cold brewed from fair-trade, certified organic coffee beans.

With this latest launch, Pop & Bottle aims to consolidate its position in the functional plant-based RTD latte category, and with its unique focus on high quality ingredients and clean label formulation. Accompanying the launch are refreshed labels across the line, with cleaner, brighter design and new copy highlighting the caffeine content in each latte.

The vanilla cold brew started hitting stores in January, and will be available on the West Coast, Texas, Rockies, Mid Atlantic and the Tri-State area, with more to follow in 2019. Pop & Bottle is also available direct through the company’s website and via Amazon. The suggested retail price is $3.99 for an 11 oz. bottle.

About Pop & Bottle

Pop & Bottle manufactures organic, functional plant-based lattes. The brand was founded by Blair Fletcher and Jash Mehta, with the goal to create delicious RTD lattes with clean, functional ingredients and without dairy, refined sugars, gums or emulsifiers. The lattes are made from plant-based ingredients such as almonds, dates, cold brew coffee, matcha, turmeric and cacao. For more information, visit popandbottle.com.