Sump Coffee and 4 Hands Brewing Co. Collaborate on Canned Cold Brew Coffee Line

ST. LOUIS— Two of St. Louis’ favorite beverage brands are joining forces, all in the name of coffee. SumpCoffee and 4 Hands Brewing Co. have announced a collaboration to deliver a unique portfolio of canned cold brewed coffee. Spearheaded by St. Louis coffee-aficionado Scott Carey, Sump Coffee is working with Kevin Lemp of craft beer favorite, 4 Hands Brewing Co., to brew and can a line of coffees focusing on seasonal, single origin coffees, as well as coffee inspired canned cocktails and mocktails.

“I am extremely excited to be working with Scott on this project,” said Lemp. “I feel we look at life and business in a similar fashion. I am inspired by this project and look forward to bringing this portfolio to life.”

Set to release the first cold brewed coffee, from Huila Colombia,  in the portfolio later this month, Carey and Lemp are combining their creative and craft beverage expertise, as well as their respective spaces – to deliver a highly specialized line of ready serve cold coffees and coffee inspired drinks that will excite even the coffee enthusiast and layperson alike.  Future plans will be forthcoming, but both Lemp and Carey anticipate this as the beginning of a much larger project that will bring an entirely new focus to canned coffee – potential future projects include nitrogenated coffee, coffee inspired mocktails as well as cocktails under the 1220 Spirits brand, and perhaps a stand-alone microbrewery and tap room exclusively for cold brew coffee.

Scott explained: “The possibilities are endless, but we hope to extend our single origin, seasonal coffee sourcing model we’ve employed at Sump over the last 8 years, to brewing these same coffees as cold brewed, ready to serve, canned coffees.”

Lemp and Carey have a long history together. 4 Hands Brewing Co. opened eight months after Sump Coffee and Lemp was truly inspired by the Sump Coffee approach. Coming from his wine background he was intrigued at the similarities in approach and felt then, as he continues to feel, that SumpCoffee was a game changer.

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