Blue Ridge Bucha Announces New Owner and CEO

WAYNESBORO, Va. – Since 2010, Blue Ridge Bucha’s Co-Founders Kate and Ethan Zuckerman and their team have been handcrafting organic kombucha in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. From the early days of slinging six-packs out of the back of a beat-up old Honda Civic, to opening a full production facility and taproom in Waynesboro in 2018, the company has become a preeminent kombucha brand in the Mid-Atlantic region, known for its sustainable mission and delicious taste.

“It has been an amazing experience to pour our passion for great kombucha into nurturing a small business from its early stages to where it is now,” said Ethan. “We are so grateful to our team, customers, retailers and community partners for their support of our entrepreneurial journey, and we look forward to watching the company take its next steps.”

Those steps will come under the direction of Hank Heyming, the company’s new owner and CEO.

“I could not be more excited about Blue Ridge Bucha and its prospects,” said Heyming. “The company has developed an excellent regional brand as a creator of refreshing, organic, great-tasting kombucha, all centered around its mission of sustainability.”

Heyming plans to use the Blue Ridge Bucha platform to drive growth—regionally and beyond—in kombucha and adjacent spaces, while maintaining the company’s mission of sustainability and local production.

“The flavors of Blue Ridge Bucha compare favorably with any other kombucha you can find in the marketplace. I can’t wait to give this amazing beverage a broader platform, while honoring its homegrown roots.”

Most recently, Hank Heyming co-founded Trolley Venture Partners, a Richmond-based venture capital fund where he will continue to serve as a Managing Director. Previously, Heyming served as a Partner with Troutman Sanders, LLP focused on venture capital law and, prior to that, he was the owner of These Four Walls, a Richmond-based home furnishings business.

And what’s next for the Zuckermans?

“We are enthusiastic about Hank’s vision and our first priority is to support the company as it transitions to new leadership,” said Kate. “And then of course Ethan and I have a few entrepreneurial ideas we’re excited about. But we plan to enjoy some family time before we make a decision about what comes next.”

About Blue Ridge Bucha

Founded in 2010 by Kate and Ethan Zuckerman, Blue Ridge Bucha is a Certified Organic kombucha that is consciously handcrafted in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and is renowned for its delicious taste. With refillable bottles and
regional distribution, sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We believe in real ingredients, responsible packaging, employee empowerment, and giving back to our local community. With over one million bottles saved so far, we know that together we can make a difference through the choices we make every day.

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