Bohemian Revolution Beverage Co. Launches Line of Functional Powders

LOS ANGELES– For the busy, on-the-go person who needs something that consistently gets the job done -whether at work or at home, in class or in the car…our compact, dependable and travel friendly products deliver results. One scoop of Bohemian Revolution powders and you will feel the difference.

Brandon Johnson, Founder of Bohemian Revolution commented on the launch, “I started Bohemian Revolution because I couldn’t find healthy and safe products that gave me the results I wanted. That is why I’m committed to creating the best functional products on the market and helping those who need to keep up with all of life’s demands while staying healthy.”

Scott Kelly, CEO of Black Dog Venture Partners added, “I had the opportunity to use Brandon’s products and I was hooked. The fast-acting powders are already a fast seller on Amazon, and we are generating incredible buzz on social media. Looking forward to building Bohemian Revolution to a national brand.”

Bohemian Revolution products are available at and at Follow the company at Facebook and Instagram.

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