Dose Launches with Four Functional Wellness Shots For Liver, Soreness, Immunity and Skin

Dose, an emerging wellness brand setting new quality standards with its functional beverages, each formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients in efficacious doses to help you find your balance, has officially announced the launch of their 2oz. wellness shots.

Unlike any other brand in the space, Dose worked closely with a scientific team that has over 15 years of distinguished experience to develop this first line of offerings, further reinforcing their purpose which is to be transparent in terms of dosage, efficacy, and deliverability of function.

“At Dose, our formulations are clinically-studied to work best for your body as we believe everyone should have access to nutritious ingredients that help them pursue healthier, happier and more balanced lives,” said Founder & CEO, Vasu Goyal. “Working with our scientific team with over 15 years of distinguished experience, we are setting the right standard for better-for-you products. Each ingredient in Dose is in the optimal level of quantity and delivers a punch that is vital to helping the functionality.”

Available in four varieties, Dose for your Liver, Dose for Soreness, Dose for Immunity and Dose for your Skin, each shot is formulated with 100% all-natural ingredients, has no GMO’s, no caffeine, no preservatives, no chemical additives, zero sugar, zero calories, and is housed in sustainable glass packaging.

  • Dose for your Liver – A delicious blend of turmeric and milk thistle regulates the body and helps maintain long-term liver health. This dose is formulated for 24x better absorption than comparable shots. 95% of our turmeric makes it from the shot into your liver, compared to 5% of most household turmeric.
  • Dose for Soreness – A berrylicious blend is full of antioxidants and adaptogens to help your body react well to soreness and help boost muscle strength and stamina. DOMS (delayed onset muscle syndrome) is a primary cause of soreness and fatigue, especially as we age. The Green Tea in this dose delivers 50% catchetin actives and is specially formulated for absorption in order to reduce daily stress on the body as well as long-term tissue damage.
  • Dose for Immunity – A powerful blend of herbs work together to help activate and regulate your immune system. One shot contains highly potent (10x) extracts of elderberry and echinacea as well as 1500mg of natural vitamin C from acerola and amala, not synthetic vitamins from a lab. These potent ingredients work together to support your body’s natural defenses.
  • Dose for your Skin – Adds a layer of protection from within, via an aloe vera extract 20x stronger than similar supplements while centella delivers natural compounds to support your body’s own collagen production, promoting hydration, elasticity and overall skin health immediately and for the long term.

Dose will be available for delivery nationwide on, as well as in retailers such as Erewhon, Jensen’s, and more. For more information, visit the website and follow along on social media

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