Milo’s Tea Unveils New Look

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.— Milo’s Tea Company, maker of the best-selling tea item in the U.S., has unveiled a new look with an updated label on their packaging.  The new label reflects the heritage of the brand and highlights what is important to today’s consumers.

Milo’s new packaging reinforces founder Milo Carlton’s philosophy: use high quality, natural ingredients; listen to customers; and never sacrifice taste. Additionally, Milo’s new packaging reminds consumers of its simple ingredient list and calls attention to what’s not in their famous beverages: no preservatives and no added colors.

When updating the packaging, Milo’s put the consumer at the forefront and invested heavily in quantitative and qualitative consumer research, including in-store intercepts.  Milo’s also used the latest in packaging research technologies, such as visual attention analysis, to develop the final label design.

The result is a new label based entirely on the Iced Tea consumer.  The label features iconography and messaging communicating to shoppers the qualities unique to Milo’s products.  Some of the qualities the research found to be most important to consumers are: Milo’s beverages are brewed with real tea leaves, are made in the USA, and taste just like homemade.

Along with the new-look front label, Milo’s has added a new back label on its gallon and half gallon products that tell the Milo’s story and illustrate the brand’s difference. The enlarged back label has allowed Milo’s to include icons that set the brand apart: Certified Women-Owned Business, Zero-Waste certified, BPA Free containers and a 1 Percent Profit Pledge, indicating that Milo’s donates 1% of its annual profits.

“We are excited to debut Milo’s new packaging,” said Tricia Wallwork, Milo’s CEO and founder Milo Carlton’s granddaughter. “Our updated labels were designed with the consumer in mind, highlighting important product attributes and empowering consumers to make better, more informed choices.”

About Milo’s Tea Company 

Milo’s Tea Company is a family-owned, certified Women Owned Business located in Birmingham, Ala. Milo’s was founded as a restaurant in 1946 by Milo and Bea Carlton. In 1989, Milo’s began selling their fresh brewed Famous Sweet Tea to local grocery stores and now Milo’s beverages can be found in thousands of retailers across the United States. Read the simple ingredient list on their juices and teas, and you will see the Difference. Drink Milo’s and Taste the Difference. Learn more at