Moshi Yuzu Sparkling Launches with UNFI

NEW YORK– Moshi is a brand of sparkling drinks that highlight unique and rare citrus flavors from around the globe. With consumers and excellent taste at top of mind, Moshi only sources high-quality, all-natural ingredients to use in its products. The brand name is a Japanese translation for “if; supposing; full of possibilities”, which captures the novel and charming profiles of its beverage offerings. Moshi Yuzu Sparkling is a yuzu RTD beverage made with 100% yuzu juice sourced directly from Japan.

Since its launch in February 2020, Moshi has won the 2020 FABI award from the National Restaurant Association, as well as, the 2020 SoFi award from the Specialty Food Association.

Each bottle of Moshi Yuzu Sparkling captures the tart and fragrant flavors of yuzu in an easy, accessible, and delicious way. The line is currently packaged in 12 oz. glass bottles and comes in 4 flavors: Yuzu Original, Yuzu White Peach, Yuzu Red Shiso & Apple, and Yuzu Unsweetened Sparkling Water. The full line will be available at UNFI York, Dayville, Chesterfield, Howell, Montgomery, Moreno, Rocklin, and Ridgefield by end of August 2020.

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