Nexus Energy Drinks Launches Into Grocery

PLANO, Texas– What do you get when you take two extremely demanding fitness and health-minded brothers, (one a very successful entrepreneur that co-built a coast to coast finance company with several Billion in financings and sold it to the largest commercial real estate services company in the world, and one with extensive background in biotechnology nutrition, and product design) throw in one of the nation’s leading beverage manufacturers, and flavor houses and give them a massive budget, and simply task the entire team with creating the next generation of energy drinks and the very best the market has ever seen?

Nexus Energy Drinks are born.

Co-Founders and brothers Shawn and Blane Givens understand the importance of quality ingredients and know that if you set out to create anything, it needs to be the very best. They believe no detail is too minimal to overlook. That quality can be seen from the moment you open one of the holographic boxes and pick up what has been described by many as ‘the most beautiful energy drink can ever made’ in your hand.  To the way the first drop tastes when it hits your tongue, all the way to how your body and cells feel and interact once completely consumed, you’ll be hooked and changed for life.  It is, in many taster’s opinions, the energy drink the market has been waiting for.

The brothers researched the beverage industry for years and found that very few energy drinks on the market offered efficacious levels of functionals and nutrients. In their continuous effort to create unique and desirable products, they partnered with registered dieticians, geneticists, biotechnologists, and sports medicine experts to truly understand consumer health gaps that exist around RTD nutritionals. All of these diligent efforts gave birth to Nexus Energy, which has thousands of research hours and hundreds of lab iterations leading up to its market launch.

“This is the very best quality energy drink on the market today. We spent many years and a significant investment in every aspect of this product to make sure of it,” says Shawn Givens. “Why make something half-way or just try and be incrementally better than what is already out there?  Consumers demand better and you are what you drink, so why put anything but the very best in your body?”
“With help from our prestigious partners, staff, and vendors, we are developing products that challenge the status quo nutritionally, are aesthetically unlike anything else, and give you a better connection to your health. We set out to positively redefine the energy drink category,” says Blane Givens, Co-Founder of Nexus Energy.

This disruptive mindset in the entire product experience has allowed Nexus to grow very rapidly with consumers and retailers, becoming one of the fastest growing new drink companies in the segment, skipping directly to grocery distribution at inception, which speaks to just how high quality and on-point this brand really is.

The company has developed 5 bold flavors and will continuously work on bringing more to the market each season. You can expect the same level of quality and attention to detail in every iteration and formula from this company. Nexus’ proprietary blend is 2-5 times higher in functionals and nutrients than nearly any other energy drink on the market today and has added ingredients at a level that makes the drink extremely effective. Because of this, Nexus has a competitive edge over conventional energy drinks.

Blane Givens, who occupies an extensive background in biochemistry, biotechnology, and product design stated, “consumers expect and deserve products that not only taste great but add value to their lives and we excitedly took on the challenge to lead the way in the energy drink category.”

About Nexus


At Nexus, we took on the challenge of raising the bar and creating the next generation of energy drinks.  Nexus energy drinks are loaded with vitamins, functional ingredients and nutrients to help you perform at your best and give the energy boost you crave. Nexus is born from years of researching ingredients and health benefits and creating flavor profiles that complimented these nutrients and taste great too.  You shouldn’t have to sacrifice flavor for health and our products taste great while helping you achieve your goals and potential.  Ignite your cells and maximize your potential.

We designed Nexus to be different than anything on the market and to set the bar for what a Functional Energy drink can be.  The goal was not to create something incrementally better than what’s in the market.  We feel, by raising the bar exponentially higher, the world becomes a healthier place.  It is so true that you are what you eat (or drink in this case) and there is a direct correlation between what you put in your body and how your body functions.  This is the true definition of Nexus – the connection between two things.  It is the relationship between the fuel you feed your body and becoming the best version of yourself starting at the cellular level.

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