RAIN Water Company Launches Mountain Spring Water in Recyclable Aluminum Bottles

As plastic bottles become one of the major contributors of plastic waste in the world, some companies are doing their part in minimizing this problem. One of those is RAIN Water Company, a spring water bottler. The company recently launched its new brand of plastic-free mountain spring water in recyclable aluminum bottles to help reduce plastic waste.

“Consumers have long been told that plastic packaging is okay, provided that it is recycled. With plastic recycling rates not breaking single digits, it is quite difficult to think that this act can help reduce plastic waste. Aluminum is one of the most recyclable materials on the planet and reused repeatedly. Aluminum bottles, when recycled, will be back on the shelf or made into a pick-up truck like an F150 within 60 days – the opportunities are endless,” said the representative at RAIN Water Company.

According to the company, aluminum gets recycled at least 67% of the time. Single-use plastics are recycled less than 10% of the time. Aluminum also maintains its integrity when melted for an infinite number of times. Recycled plastic must be mixed with new plastic to make bottles. This scenario means more oil is needed, leading to more waste. It is estimated that over 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today.

With an aluminum body, spring water cools in just 20 minutes. Plastic is not nearly as thermally conductive as aluminum, so it takes about two hours for water in cool in a plastic bottle. In addition to that, aluminum emits no microparticles whereas disposable plastic containers have microparticles that are harmful to health and ultimately the environment.

The company owns and operates its bottling facilities and on site source of spring water. They veer away from outsourcing production.

RAIN Water Company’s spring water is harvested in Northeastern Georgia, one of the rainiest counties in the US. Water is filtered naturally underground through ancient rock formations in a true Temperate Rainforest deep in the Appalachian Mountains. It has been purifying through granite deposits two miles deep for the last 1,000 years.

The company harvests the water using no mechanical energy. The brand takes great care to ensure its customers’ safety before packing the water into recyclable aluminum bottles.

The company also offers private label, co-packing or custom-printed services. Its co-packing capabilities for other businesses is ideal for targeted branding opportunities for retail, CPG brands, concerts, festivals, event centers, aquariums, stadiums, restaurants, venues, and more.

“Put simply, canned water is better water.” said a representative at RAIN Water.

To learn more information on the RAIN Water Company, visit https://www.simplyrainwater.co. People can also reach them via email at hello@simplyrainwater.co or phone at +1 602-499-5497.

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