REBBL Launches New Line of Organic, Plant-Based Keto Elixirs

BERKELEY, Calif.– REBBL, maker of organic, plant-based beverages, announces a new line of Keto Elixirs. These new drinks — along with their other award-winning elixirs and proteins — are available nationwide at Whole Foods Markets and online at and

Made with real, ethically sourced ingredients, these balanced REBBL Keto Elixirs deliver macros that adhere to the recommended ratios for a lifestyle in ketosis. Each bottle offers 75% fats from coconut medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), 20% plant-based protein, and 5% net carbohydrates. Even with no added sugar, REBBL stays true to their commitment to taste. The new line features two classic flavor favorites: Chocolate and Vanilla Almond. These new elixirs are lightly sweetened with stevia and are creamy and decadent — thanks to the coconut milk base.

“We wanted to create a delicious drink that supports people in ketosis. With the keto lifestyle growing in popularity, so is the demand for high-fat and low-carb offerings, ” said REBBL Chief Marketing Officer Bonnie Neulight. “REBBL continually strives to offer something nourishing for everybody’s unique nutritional needs.”

REBBL, which stands for Roots, Extracts, Berries, Botanicals and Love, is an advocate for the power of plants. Consistent with the rest of their portfolio and their commitment to herbal ingredients, these new Elixirs include reishi, ashwagandha, and maca. REBBL’s new keto beverages are also one of the few organic, plant-based offerings on the market. The Keto Elixirs are launched in recycled and recyclable plastic bottles.

Highlights of REBBL’s new Keto Elixirs Include:

Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla Almond

Macros: 20g of fats (including 11-13g of coconut MCTs), 10f of plant protein, 4g of net carbs

Herbs: Reishi, Ashwagandha, and Maca

Availability:,, and Whole Foods Markets

Other Attributes: Delicious taste, clean ingredients, always organic, always plant-based


REBBL beverages are made with real organic ingredients. Every plant-based REBBL nourishes your body and helps support whole-body wellness. What’s more, they ethically source their ingredients, supporting the communities that grow them, and use recycled and recyclable plastic bottles.

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