So Good So You Launches BtrBtl and Mind Tonics

ANAHEIM, Calif.– Functional beverage brand and wellness shot category leader, So Good So You, will introduce an innovative industry-first sustainable initiative at Expo West. (Booth N1738// Fresh Ideas Booth F131).

Rita Katona and Eric Hall founded the brand when they realized they could do more good for Body and Planet by creating a community vs. trying to make an impact individually. So Good So You’s manufacturing facility has always been run by 100% renewable energy, and with their latest announcement, the brand takes their sustainable commitment to the next level:

Mind Tonics – NEW at Expo West

  • According to the American Heart Association, the brain starts to show signs of cognitive decline as we enter our 20’s. With this finding, So Good So You decided to launch functional Mind Tonics, which are cold brewed teas + cold pressed juices made with a proprietary cognitive support blend.
  • Available in (3) different functions and (6) different flavors, the drinks come in Calm (Berry Lemongrass and Tropical White), Focus (Chamomile Peach and Cherry Blossom) and Protect (Hibiscus Pomegranate and Passionfruit Ginger) varieties.
  • The new mind tonics cater to those dealing with anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, lacking productivity, having difficulty focusing, and memory loss.
  • All of So Good So You’s products are crammed with functional plant-based goodness and packed with vitamins and minerals that are fully derived from their fruit and vegetable ingredients. This means no additives, preservatives, artificial flavors or concentrates. There is nothing artificial, ever.

BtrBtl™ – NEW at Expo West

  • While the new So Good So You BtrBtl™ looks the same as any clear plastic bottle, BtrBtl™ biodegrades at an accelerated rate in landfills* and converts to usable energy.
  • 86% of plastic waste ends up in landfills in the US, regardless of proper recycling. BtrBtl™ will recycle the same as any plastic bottle with no negative impact on the recycling stream, while offering a significant improvement to the overall end-of-life results.
  • BtrBtl™’s increased biodegradation* allows for a conversion of the packaging into usable energy, breaking down into water, soil and carbon-based gases.
  • *Accelerated biodegradation based on ASTM D5526-94 testing showing that the treated PET used for the BtrBtl biodegrades 31.7 – 37.0 % after 391 days in active landfill conditions compared to 2 % biodegradation of untreated PET

About So Good So You

So Good So You was founded on the core concept that the products we buy and use are a direct connection to a larger community and purpose. Our mission and values extend far beyond our delicious and functional plant-based beverages: we’re a community of passionate humans driven to make a difference, and believe that collectively, we can make a positive impact on our body and planet.

We craft our functional juices in our 100% renewable energy-powered manufacturing facility, located alongside our headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. We use only organic, non-GMO, real ingredient. Each bottle is packed with vitamins and minerals that are fully derived from their fruit and vegetable ingredients, made to help with everyday functions such as Energy, Sleep, Digestion and more. Packed with over 1 Billion Probiotic CFUs to support digestive and immune health, So Good So You’s juice shots are 100% vegan, certified organic and are non-GMO verified. We utilize a cold-pressed High Pressure Processing (HPP) method to kill bacteria and lock in nutrients.

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