The Good Glow Launches Apple Cider Vinegar Wellness Shots

NEW YORK— Launching June 2020, The Good Glow’s aim is to create convenient, healthy, hassle-free wellness products, staring with an apple cider vinegar shot that improves digestion, metabolism, and energy. Meticulously sourced and sustainably produced, The Good Glow aims to create a new kind of wellness routine – one that is transparent and backed by experts, allowing people to look (and more importantly, feel) their best. The 2 oz. ACV wellness shot bottles are perfect for on-the-go wellness and are sold exclusively direct-to-consumer.

“We couldn’t be more excited to launch The Good Glow,” says founder Lauren Whatley. “We recognized a need for wellness brands that are convenient, approachable and affordable, which is why we felt compelled to create The Good Glow. Whether working from home or traveling, The Good Glow helps people be their best selves – without making any sacrifices.”

The Good Glow Wellness Shot

The Good Glow’s first product is a 2 oz. wellness shot made up of pure distilled water, organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar, 100% organic lemon juice, 100% organic lime juice, and organic ginger. The formula, two years in the making, is expertly mixed and diluted and made with organic ingredients with no added sugar or sweeteners. Each shot contains a powerful daily dose of amino acids, antimicrobials, probiotics, and antioxidants to help increase metabolism, boost energy and improve digestion. The compact size is perfect for travel – whether that be a daily commute across town or a vacation across the world – allowing consumers to bring their wellness routine with them wherever they go.

The Inspiration

Lauren was inspired to create The Good Glow after experiencing firsthand the impact that small lifestyle changes had on her overall health and wellbeing. Blending her robust marketing expertise learned from past experience at Gilt Groupe and The Nature Conservancy, Lauren created The Good Glow to develop products that help others make simple-yet-effective changes to their wellness routines.

For years, Lauren reaped the benefits of concocting her own ACV shots with nutrient-packed ingredients, like ginger and cayenne. She soon became all too familiar with how cumbersome the process of pouring the correct amount, properly diluting it, and adding additional ingredients for flavor can be. That is when she had the brilliant idea to bottle pre-mixed shots of ACV to create a tasty, simplified product that can help people look and feel better – just as she did when she took ACV. So, in 2017, Lauren embarked upon the journey of creating The Good Glow’s first product: a pre-batched ACV wellness shot that can fit seamlessly into anyone’s daily routine.

The Benefits

ACV is an energy-boosting powerhouse that boasts numerous benefits backed by scientific studies. ACV is a natural source of energy and aids in digestion, while leaving consumers feeling fuller, longer (ultimately resulting in weight loss). The antioxidants in ACV have been shown to fight free radicals, boosting immunity. Taking ACV regularly has even been shown to brighten and clear skin – literally making one glow from the inside out!

The Good Glow’s ACV wellness shots are sold exclusively direct-to-consumer via their website in 3-packs ($10), 7-packs ($22), and 14-packs ($39). For more information and to purchase, visit