WellWell Launches Newly Redesigned Website

NEW YORK— WellWell (drinkwellwell.com), a plant-based beverage brand, has launched a newly redesigned website, setting the stage for new product launches and direct-to-consumer growth in 2020 and beyond.

In June 2019, WellWell launched an MVP website to test e-commerce as a supplemental revenue and first-party data channel to the brand’s fast-growing retail business. “Our primary focus was testing customer acquisition channels and having thousands of one-to-one conversations so that we could get things right before putting real spend behind it,” said Sagan Schultz, founder and CEO.

The redesign maintains a seamless user experience and gives people more optionality on pack-sizes and volume discounts, while integrating a wider library of storytelling touch points and brand content. WellWell has also launched a rewards and referral program.

While the previous website was built around WellWell’s original 7 SKU beverage line-up, the redesigned site has been expanded in size and depth to grow with the brand. “We’ve learned so much about what people want to see from us and now we’re set up to test and learn on the fly, which is the best part about this channel for us,” adds Schultz.

To learn more about WellWell’s plant-based functional beverages and sign up for new product launch alerts, visit drinkwellwell.com.

About WellWell

WellWell is a fast growing functional beverage brand that uses real doses of functional ingredients to support a full spectrum of holistic recovery, including brain health, workout recovery, helping you (finally) win at sleep, and living an overall more vibrant life. The brand is based in NYC and was co-founded by Sagan Schultz, a wine sommelier/doctor with an MBA, as well as CPG veteran and CEO of Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods, Larry Praeger.