BIOLYTE Partners With American Cancer Society To Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

BIOLYTE – the world’s first physician formulated, multi-use “IV in a bottle” – holds a particular cause near and dear to its heart: breast cancer awareness. Developed by Atlanta anesthesiologist Dr. Luther “Trey” Rollins and currently led by his daughter, CEO Jesslyn Rollins, there is more to BIOLYTE’s story.

Dr. Rollins’ wife and Jesslyn’s mom, Jeannine, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. Throughout her chemotherapy treatments, like many others undergoing similar treatment, she experienced severe symptoms of nausea, dehydration and beyond – so much so, she needed an IV prior to each session. A professional in pain management, Dr. Rollins knew how effective IV rehydration therapy was, yet, how inaccessible and expensive it could be -– and comparatively, how accessible and inexpensive sports hydration drinks were, but with triple the sugar and even less efficacy. Thus came the idea for BIOLYTE: mimicking bringing an IV bag home, and replenishing electrolytes while combating dehydration, nausea and fatigue.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, BIOLYTE makes an effort each year to thoughtfully contribute to the cause. This year, the team will engage its support in a handful of ways:

  • In partnership with the American Cancer Society (ACS), BIOLYTE will:
  • Donate product to Hope Lodges across the Southeast
  • Donate product to breast cancer-related fundraising events across the Southeast for attendees and honorees
  • In collaboration with all Winn-Dixie locations across the Southeast, 10 percent of proceeds from BIOLYTE purchases in the month of October will be donated to ACS
  • In support of Atlanta-based Piedmont Hospitals, where Dr. Rollins used to practice, BIOLYTE will donate product to related fundraising initiatives through the month of October
  • In the Southeast, any gyms and fitness studios hosting breast cancer awareness-focused or fundraising classes in the month of October will receive complimentary BIOLYTE for their teammates and members.

The BIOLYTE team is grateful to share that Jeannine is cancer free, but they continue their mission of fighting breast cancer around the world. To learn more about BIOLYTE’s story, visit


BIOLYTE is the first liquid supplement that offers the same benefits of IV rehydration therapy but in drinkable form. One bottle yields nearly 6 times the amount of electrolytes of leading sports drinks, with 1/3 of the sugar, packed with Vitamins C, B12, B5, B6 and B3, alongside ginger root and milk thistle. Newly NSF certified, these ingredients effectively hydrate, boost energy, rid the liver of toxins, ease stomach illness and reduce muscle cramps. Its natural boost of energy without the sugar spike is the perfect answer for anyone who feels run-down, needs a vitamin boost or just a moment of recharging after one too many; great for traveling, staying hydrated during outdoor activities or workouts, and helping to fight cold, flu and allergy symptoms. For more information, visit

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