Cheribundi Launches Antioxidant Rich Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate

Greenwich, Conn. – Cheribundi, the leader in natural sports performance beverages specializing in tart cherry juice, announced the launch of their newest product innovation: Cheribundi Concentrate. The premium product takes tart cherries, the most antioxidant-rich superfruit in the world, and carefully blends them through Cheribundi’s proprietary juice extraction process. The result is a unique combination of tart cherry juice and tart cherry juice concentrate in a 2.5 oz pouch equivalent to 40 tart cherries. Cheribundi Concentrate, which can be consumed as-is or added to water or a smoothie, has roughly the same efficacy and two times the antioxidant benefits of any other Cheribundi product, making it easy for anyone, no matter how time-pressed, to access the myriad health and fitness benefits of tart cherry juice.

Numerous independent studies published in renowned medical journals over the past 15 years have proven the health and fitness benefits of tart cherry juice, including its ability to speed recovery and repair of muscle tissue, minimize exercise induced muscle damage and muscle soreness; decrease inflammation, inflammatory-related conditions and upper respiratory tract infections; prevent joint pain and gout, and significantly improve sleep quality and duration. These scientifically proven benefits make it a top choice for athletes of all levels looking to optimize their performance with a natural recovery solution.

“According to leading exercise physiologists, there is no product in the world proven to help athletes recover better than tart cherry juice, which is why more than 300 pro, college and Olympic teams use our products,” said Marcel Bens, CEO of Cheribundi and Managing Partner and COO of Emil Capital Partners. “In fact, they are the ones that asked us for a concentrate option and we are thrilled to be able to offer them and anyone wanting to tap into the superpower of tart cherries an on-the-go travel-friendly solution.”

In addition to Concentrate, Cheribundi has eight natural recovery-focused sports performance beverages that harness the power of tart cherry juice, including (per 8 oz. serving):

  • PURE: 60 Tart Cherries, nothing else
  • IMMUNITY: 55 Tart Cherries, Echinacea, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C
  • ORIGINAL: 50 Tart Cherries, naturally sweetened with Apple Juice
  • PROTEIN: 45 Tart Cherries, Whey Protein and Vitamin B Complex
  • HYDRO: 40 Tart Cherries, 33% Coconut Water and Vitamin B Complex
  • RESET: 40 Tart Cherries, Valerian Root and Lemon Balm
  • BLACK: 40 Tart Cherries, Black Cherries, naturally sweetened with Apple Juice
  • LIGHT: 40 Tart Cherries, naturally sweetened with Stevia Leaf

Cheribundi is available in over 50,000 retail locations across the U.S. and can also be found online at Kroger, Publix, Amazon, Walmart and Cheribundi Concentrate retails for $36 for a 12-pack and is currently available at It will begin rolling out to other retailers later this fall.

About Cheribundi

Cheribundi is the leading natural performance brand specializing in the most antioxidant-rich tart cherry juices that improves athletic recovery, the secret to optimal performance. Scientifically proven to reduce muscle soreness and inflammation, enhance sleep and relieve pain, there is no product in the world shown to help athletes recover better than tart cherry juice. With a multitude of performance benefits for lifestyles ranging from consistent exercisers to elite athletes, including more than 300 pro, college and Olympic teams, Cheribundi is fighting against synthetic science with a natural solution that works. For more information please visit and follow the brand on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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