Ginsation Launches Online and in Retail

Fairfield, Calif. — The Good Root Goodies, Inc. announced today that they will introduce their super-premium beverage Ginsation. Ginsation is available immediately for online orders at In January 2021, Ginsation will be available at high-end grocery, natural and specialty stores in the Atlanta area.

We will roll out to other major markets across the Southeast throughout the year including Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas.

Not all Ginger Root is created equal. Our Organic Peruvian Ginger comes from a prolific balanced eco-system that thrives in shaded lush abundant soils. We are delicately time perfected by Mother Nature herself, developed over many cycles of life in the Amazon and rarely touched by man. From the valleys in Peru, our beverage journeys to you soaking up the intensity of the sun grabbing nutrients from the valley soils, delivering an extremely specific and unique spice. A personality all on its own.

Ginsation was founded Sheylon and Sandra, two sisters on a mission to share with the world an awesome all-natural, low sugar ginger drink that not only tastes good, but that you can actually ‘feel’ the ginger!

“Our belief is, if a product states it contains ‘ginger’, then you should be able to taste and feel the natural potency of the ginger in your drink,” said Sandra.

Ginsation will retail for $3.99 in-store. Ginsation can be purchased in 12 bottle cases online in four amazing blend profiles-Fresh Zest, Citrus Mist, Sunshine Burst and Cherry Delight. The case retails for $44.99. There is a mixed case option offering all four flavors.

About The Good Root Goodies, Inc.

Founded in 2019 by Sandra Reid and Sheylon Haywood, two sisters with a passion to help people make a difference in their lives.  The company’s first product is Ginsation™ Ginger Beverage.  They plan to build a food and beverage company that will create natural products which contribute to the physical and spiritual well-being of all people.

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