Los Angeles-based Organic Coffee Shop, Groundwork Coffee Co., Highlights Mission-Forward Vision With Brand Refresh

Los Angeles, Calif. — Groundwork Coffee announced the reveal of a new website and package designs for their line of Certified Organic coffees and teas. The brand refresh focuses on Groundwork’s ongoing mission to source only Certified Organic coffee and tea, practice an eco-friendly approach and always keep the good of the community in mind. As the original organic LA-based coffee shop, now celebrating 30 years, the company prides itself on maintaining its high values for sustainable coffee sourcing while expanding exponentially over the years to now include nationwide distribution.

The brand refresh captures the essence of Groundwork’s Southern California roots by representing the culture with updated designs and color palettes. While developing the new look and feel, it was important for Groundwork to pay homage to their customers, the valued relationship the company keeps with farmers and the community ecosystem as a whole.

“Through the rebranding process, we continually returned to images that evoked a connection to the earth – for example ‘dirt under fingernails’ after a long day of farming – and the interconnectedness of all living things,” says Eddy Cola, Chief Executive Officer of Groundwork. “Another example used in the updated packaging and website is the image of a graphical hand with a flower sprouting from the soil. It represents the intersection of humans and the environment, communicating our stewardship and the nurturing, relationship-focused way of making coffee.”

Groundwork closely collaborated with Los Angeles-based branding agency, Ludlow Kingsley, to ensure the brand story was woven throughout the website and packaging. There are also new functional updates on the website and packaging offering consumers a more seamless experience as they shop.

Design: Southern California vibes with a strong suite of vibrant, earth-tone colors, including golden yellow, olive green, and muted blues. The palette is memorable and creates an immediate association with Groundwork’s commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Website: Easier and more enjoyable to navigate. Each page is carefully designed to give consumers the best possible experience including restocking coffee beans and teas and signing up for subscriptions.

Packaging:  Designs are printed on kraft bags to create a rough-hewn texture which gives the color palette an even more organic look and feel. The company selected sustainable packaging, including earth-friendly Biotre bags, made from 60% renewable plant-based resources by weight and break down into healthy compost. Packaging also has new color codes for each product type providing shopping ease.

“We at Ludlow Kingsley are over the moon with excitement to see two years of work find its way into the world,” says Clark Stiles, Ludlow Kingsley Co-Founder and Creative Director. “We had such a good rapport with the team at Groundwork and were fully aligned in how to reshape the packaging design and new e-commerce website. It’s an honor to have played such a pivotal role and we’re very proud of how stellar the new brand refresh captures the essence of Groundwork.”

Groundwork’s Vice President of Marketing, Jessica Smith adds that “when refreshing our design, we paid special attention to Los Angeles’ dynamic history and the aspirational people who have made the city what it is today.” She went on to say that “Groundwork wanted our design to resonate with the makers, dreamers, and doers who call this city home and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. They’re artists, teachers, surfers, skaters, farmers, builders, community activists, and so much more.”

About Groundwork Coffee Co.

In 1990, Groundwork opened its doors in Venice Beach, CA, with a small-batch roaster and a big mission: to source and share the very best organic coffee we could find. Now, 30 years later — thanks to the neighbors and friends we’ve been fortunate enough to serve — we have new cafés opening all along the West Coast, a growing line of cold brew coffees, and two very busy roasting facilities in Los Angeles and Portland. Our sustainable, relationship-based, organic coffee sourcing continues to set an industry standard, as does our solar-powered, low-emissions roasting technology. We’ve also been profoundly lucky to see the development of dozens of new organic coffee farms around the world and are proud to continue sharing their exceptional coffees with our community.

About Ludlow Kingsley 

Ludlow Kingsley first opened its doors in 2007 on the heels of an award-winning website design and development collaboration by its founding partners, Roxanne Daner and Clark Stiles. For the first few years, the studio served as a creative digital design team for large ad agencies, while persistently amassing a strong portfolio and client base. Over the years, Ludlow Kingsley has grown to become a harmonious team, configured to deliver extraordinary work for businesses across the lifestyle, entertainment, and food and beverage industries.

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