SIMPLICITY Juice Now Available In 35 New Stores And Three New States

The fast, new strategic growth of SIMPLICITY Juice has resulted in being in 35 new high-end and high-traffic stores in three new states. The new stores include Market Districts and Whole Foods Market stores. As a result of the pandemic, consumers are demanding ultra-clean, healthy juice, which has fueled SIMPLICITY Juice’s growth.

“Our growth has been really a fun ride, SIMPLICITY started selling 350 a month at the Market District, Carmel, which I thought was great. Then, the velocity went to 700 a month – and during the pandemic, the growth has increased over 200%. We are even out some of the selling the lesser-priced competitors as much as 12- 1.”, stated Beth McCarthy Smith, Founder & CEO of SIMPLICITY juice.

New Stores

Whole Foods Market Stores in 19 new Whole Foods stores in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. District Stores in 16 new Market Districts (a division of Giant Eagle’s stores) in Ohio and Pennsylvania

SIMPLICITY Juice Growth Drivers

SIMPLICITY Juice’s success is built on the fact they cold-press fresh, whole produce and then use cold pressured processing to lock in better taste and nutrition. As a result of the pandemic, consumers are demanding ultra-clean, healthy juice


Consumers seeking healthful, immune-supporting benefits have led to a resurgence in the sizable $19 billion juice and juice drinks market   Thanks to the pandemic and subsequent recession, consumers’ needs have aligned with the benefits that juice has been offering all along: comfortable, cost-effective vitamins. – Mintel June 2020

Cold Pressure Processing, HPP

Beth started SIMPLICITY because she had health issues- and as she says, “I drank myself to health” with her cold-pressed juices. She believes, “there is no way I could or would share her juices safely with friends, family, and consumers without the cold pressure processing. It is, “vital to our business and the only way I would serve SIMPLICITY. Consumer safely first – always and without the cold pressure process- you simply don’t have that safety factor!”

“In the race car or out, hitting the gym or hanging with my family, SIMPLICITY Juice is my go to drink for hydration.  The taste is unbeatable and it has all the nutrients I need…A winning combination. SIMPLICITY is simply the best in the biz!” – Tony Kanaan, winner of the Indianapolis 500 & IndyCar Series


Cold-Pressed Juice & Cocktails SIMPLICITY Cold-Pressed Juice & Cocktails is an Indiana-HQ juice & cocktail company. The Founder and CEO is Beth McCarthy Smith. Keys to SIMPLICITY Juice’s success is twofold: SIMPLICITY believes sustainably grown food tastes better and is better for you and the planet.  That’s why they work with independent farmers and always juice REAL, WHOLE PRODUCE & use 100% recyclable bottles and then use cold pressure processing to LOCK in better taste and nutrition. There’s no imitation anything in SIMPLICITY: No frozen/dried/purees or powders, NO added sugar, NO preservatives, NO added color or artificial, 100% whole produce, 100% Vegan & Gluten-Free, Certified Plant-Based, Certified Kosher Certified, Certified Women-Owned Business with 135 day-shelf life. With SIMPLICITY Cold Pressed Juice you can TASTE & FEEL the difference!

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