Superfood Brand Your Super Launches Nationwide at

Leading Certified B-Corp Plant-Based Superfood brand Your Super has just launched nationally on! You can now purchase select mixes including Moon Balance, Plant Collagen, Super Green, Golden Mellow, Skinny Protein, and Forever Beautiful plus two new exclusive bundles. All products are made with 100% organic superfoods and nothing else —No stevia, sweeteners, GMOs, or additives.

The Cleanse Bundle: Including Skinny Protein to control hunger and increase your metabolism, Golden Mellow to help reduce stress & anxiety, Super Green to boost your immunity and detox your body, and Forever Beautiful to fight against free radicals and nourish your skin.

The Women’s Health Bundle: to help balance your hormones and improve your hair, skin, and nails health featuring Plant Collagen, Forever Beautiful, and Moon Balance.


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