Teeccino Debuts Wellness Lines At Specialty Food Live

SANTA BARBARA Teeccino, known for their bold tasting, roasted herbal coffees & teas, will be showcasing their new wellness collections at Specialty Food LIVE! 2021. These new wellness blends include their Mushroom Adaptogen and Prebiotic SuperBoost herbal coffee & teas that help individuals reduce stress while strengthening their overall immune system.

With consumers being more health-conscious as we head into the new year, and looking for more functional ingredients that pertain to gut health and immunity, Teeccino continues to innovate and meet individuals’ lifestyle needs. Their new wellness collections feature unique ingredients that are sustainably cultivated or wild harvested with organic certification.

  • Teeccino’s Prebiotic SuperBoost blends include the ever popular, roasted chicory root, with its natural prebiotic, inulin, as well as a concentrated blend of two plant-based prebiotics, vegan GOS, gluco-oligosaccharide and organic XOS, xylo-oligosaccahride, which result in an even greater beneficial impact on overall gut health. The Prebiotic Superboost flavors include; Macadamia Nut, Dark Chocolate, and Mango Lemon Balm.
  • Teeccino’s Mushroom Adaptogen blends offer deliciously robust flavor with adaptogens aimed at protecting the mind & body. Adaptogens help the body adapt to all different kinds of stress, while providing much needed endurance and vitality. The Mushroom Adaptogen flavors include; Lion’s Mane Rhodiola Rose, Tremella Tulsi Cardamom, Cordyceps Schisandra Cinnamon Berry, Chaga Ashwagandha Butterscotch Cream, Turkey Tail Astragalus Toasted Maple, and Reishi Eleuthero French Roast.

“Our mission is to help consumers achieve optimal health and we’re excited to share these new collections which incorporate effective dosages of functional mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs to combat stress and two plant-based prebiotics to support a healthy microbiome,” said Caroline MacDougall, CEO and Founder of Teeccino. “Our tea bags, which hold three times the quantity of standard tea bags, allow us to put the same quantity of each functional ingredient in our teas as you would find in a nutritional supplement – being the only tea brand on the market to do so.”

Teeccino’s two new collections, Mushroom Adaptogen and Prebiotic SuperBoost, are nationally distributed by UNFI and KeHe along with additional regional distributors. Wholesale orders placed directly from the Company are welcomed. For more information about Teeccino, visit Teeccino.com or follow Teeccino on Instagram.

The Specialty Food LIVE! will take place virtually on January 19-22.

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