This Week’s New Products: La Colombe Gets Pressed, Koia Adds Pumpkin Spice

Halloween isn’t yet upon us, but this week saw some beverage companies getting into the spirit of the holiday early by embracing of chocolate and mocha flavors (not to mention the ubiquitous pumpkin spice). Here are a few highlights from this week.


Tech-driven, non-dairy milk maker NotCo continues to grow its product lineup with this week’s introduction of NotMilk Chocolate, available now in 64 oz. cartons via Fresh Direct and an upcoming launch on Amazon in 8 oz. cartons . Like the brand’s other products (which range from meat alternatives to condiments), NotMilk Chocolate was developed by the company’s proprietary A.I., named Giuseppe, and utilizes plant-based ingredients (peas, pineapple, cabbage, and cocoa among them) and contains 14 grams of sugar creating a rich and creamy experience with less sugar than other chocolate milks.

La Colombe + Pressed

Plant-based food and beverage brand Pressed has created  a pair of new coffee-based smoothies launching this month: Vanilla Protein Cold Brew Smoothie (10 grams of protein + 140 mg of caffeine) and Mocha Reishi Cold Brew Smoothie (12 grams of protein and 150 mg of caffeine), both made with La Colombe coffee. Both varieties will debut at Pressed’s New York City locations and at special Pressed x La Colombe “coffee carts” located throughout the city starting on October 28, before going nationwide on November 2.


Hitting stores on November 4, zero-sugar lemonade maker Swoon released it’s newest flavor: Ginger Lemonade. Perfect for sipping either cold or hot, the new variety will be available nationally at retailers in 12-unit cases of 12 oz. cans, as well as on, for $29.99 each.


Hydration mix brand Cure has announced its latest line extension — an electrolyte + energy mix available in two flavors: Peach Black Tea and Matcha Green Tea. Each flavor contains 20 calories, no added sugar and a blend of natural electrolytes (from coconut water and pink Himalayan salt) and 55 mg of natural caffeine. The new mixes are available in 14-count packs for $28.


Having fielded requests for a Pumpkin Spice from consumers “for years,” plant-based beverage maker Koia has finally relented. And by all accounts, it was the right call: according to the company, the flavor’s initial production run, released exclusively to members of its text-based notification program, sold out in 72 hours.

Genki Forest

Billing itself as “Asia’s fastest growing beverage brand with over 1,000,000 cans and bottles sold globally,” sparkling water brand Genki Forest announced its arrival in the U.S. this week with the launch of a 330 mL can. The company will offer a range of Asian-inspired flavors, including Lychee Fizzy, White Strawberry & Coconut, White Peach, Grape Delight, Green Apple, Calamansi Lime, Bamboo & Aloe, Cucumber Twist, Cactus & Lime, Plum Passion and Yogurt Refresh. Genki Forest is also rolling out Ran Tea, a sugar free and low-calorie line of lightly sweetened RTD oolong teas, available in 16.9 PET bottles in Original Oolong, Peach Oolong and Strawberry Jasmine Oolong. Both Genki Forest sparkling water and Ran Tea are available online and at select retailers including H Mart, 99 Ranch Market and others.