Belvedere Vodka Launches 007 Martini

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Belvedere Vodka, the world’s original luxury vodka, is thrilled to be partnering with EON Productions to bring James Bond’s iconic “shaken, not stirred” cocktail to the finest lounges around the world.

“Ordering a vodka martini signals appreciation of the classic cocktail, which has been demonstrated effortlessly by James Bond throughout the years.” said Rodney Williams, president of Belvedere Vodka. “We believe the martini is the best place for our vodka’s character to shine through, and we are proud to present the Official Belvedere 007 martini.”

Bond’s preferred “shaken, not stirred” vodka martini has become such an iconic catchphrase that, in 2005, it was selected as one of the 100 most famous lines in film. The Official Belvedere 007 martini, available at the world’s most refined cocktail bars, is crafted with Belvedere Vodka, Dry Vermouth and is always “shaken, not stirred”. Elegant, balanced and distinctive, it is full of character with every sip and finished off with a lemon twist.

The Official Belvedere 007 martini

60 ml / 2 oz. Belvedere Vodka

10 ml / 1/3 oz Dry Vermouth

Shaken, not stirred

Garnish with a lemon twist

Excellent choice, Mr. Bond.

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Rye, Water, Character

Belvedere is produced in the world’s longest continuously operating vodka distillery, which has been operating since 1910. Belvedere was the first to generate a new standard of excellence by establishing the luxury vodka category. Today, Belvedere’s distinctive taste and uncompromising integrity are recognized internationally by discriminating vodka enthusiasts who appreciate its dynamic and complex character. Crafted using only superior grade Polish Dankowskie Rye and water from its own local pristine source, Belvedere is all natural and contains no additives, no sugar, and is both gluten and GMO – free. This is all in accordance with the legal requirements of Polska Vodka, as Poland is the only country in the world with an official appellation for vodka. This results in Belvedere having a structured, elegant and balanced taste profile, with a subtle sweetness, rich mouthfeel and smooth, clean finish. For more information visit

About EON Productions

EON Productions Limited and Danjaq LLC are wholly owned and controlled by the Wilson/Broccoli family. Danjaq is the US based company that co-owns, with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, the copyright in the existing James Bond films and controls the right to produce future James Bond films. EON Productions, an affiliate of Danjaq, is the UK based production company that makes the James Bond films and together with Danjaq controls all worldwide merchandising. The 007 franchise has produced twenty-four films since 1962.