SomruS Cream Liqueur Closes First Round of Funding Led by Cleveland Avenue

CHICAGO (October 16, 2017) – SomruS, the world’s first line of liqueurs inspired by the tastes and flavors of India, announced today that it has completed its first round of growth funding of $3.6 million, led by Cleveland Avenue, a venture capital firm that consults and accelerates restaurant, food and beverage concepts, and emerging brands.

SomruS, literally meaning “Nectar of the Gods” in ancient Indian dialect, debuted in October, 2014 in Illinois and New Jersey and is now available in more than 19 states. SomruS achieved this Tier 1 distribution in less than three years, and is poised to achieve national distribution in 2018.

Pankaj (PK) Garg, Founder and CEO of SomruS explained: “Liqueurs and cordials account for 10-12% of all spirits sales, with the global Liqueurs market valued at $111B in 2016 projected to grow to $131B by 2023. Top liqueur brands reflect countries of inspiration from around the world: Bailey’s from Ireland, Kahlua from Mexico, Jägermeister from Germany and so on. However, SomruS is the world’s first line of liqueurs representing the marvelous flavors of the Indian subcontinent. In just three years on the market, we’re delighted that, just like other liqueurs, 70-80% of our customer base is non-ethnic and that we have a healthy repeat business in existing markets.”

“Part of why we invest in an emerging brand is its potential to disrupt the status quo,” said Don Thompson, founder and CEO of Cleveland Avenue. “SomruS is truly breaking norms in the liqueur market by introducing flavors, tastes and aromas from the Indian subcontinent representing one-fifth of the world’s population. As investors, we’re attracted to SomruS’ global appeal to a broad base of consumers.”

Garg credits the popularity of SomruS to the rise of the global palate and eclectic millennial tastes. “Our strategy is to establish SomruS as a brand in the Top 10 liqueur/cordial markets of the world before starting our foray in India, where the Liqueurs category practically doesn’t exist as of now.”

According to Forbes, India is the third largest spirits market in the world. It has an overall retail market size of $35 billion per annum with projected 500 million plus people of drinking age by 2018. That’s more than the population of USA and Mexico combined.

“Taking SomruS to India is the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for us,” said Jai Shekhawat, Founder/ex-CEO of SAP Fieldglass, a seed investor and SomruS Board Member. “SomruS is designed to be India-scalable; however, at present we are building the brand in the top liqueur/cordial markets, the U.S. being the largest.”

About SomruS Liqueur

SomruS is an intricate blend of pure dairy cream and hand-crafted rum with the distinctive eastern spices and flavors of cardamom, saffron, almonds, pistachios and rose. The result is an all-natural and gluten-free liqueur never before seen or tasted. The brand has a universal appeal and SomruS is to Tea (makes a delicious Hard Chai!) as Bailey’s is to Coffee. SomruS Original was introduced in 2014 and a new expression SomruS Alphonse Mango was launched earlier this year. For more information visit