Tarnished Truth Distillery Announces Addition of Fourth Handle Gin

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Award-winning Tarnished Truth Distillery today announces the addition of Fourth Handle Gin to its portfolio – a Coastal American Gin bold enough to stand alone served on the rocks, but elaborate enough to enjoy in a variety of cocktails. Fourth Handle Gin officially launches to coincide with World Gin Day on June 8, 2019.

Known for their award-winning Old Cavalier Bourbon, Tarnished Truth High Rye and AVA Vodka, Tarnished Truth — founded by locals Andrew Yancey and Josh Canada — is the only distillery in the country located inside a hotel: the historic Cavalier Hotel in Coastal Virginia. As a nod to its location, Fourth Handle Gin is named after the Cavalier Hotel’s original bathtubs that date back to the early 1900’s, when the tubs had four handles, with one running salt water straight from the Atlantic. It is also rumored that hotel staff used to make gin in the bathtubs during prohibition. With the name, Tarnished Truth wanted to illustrate the extra bit of opulence Tarnished Truth puts into their Fourth Handle Coastal American Gin. Something different, from somewhere different.

“We’re excited to launch Fourth Handle Gin and believe it was a natural addition to our stellar portfolio of offerings. As a Virginia distillery, we wanted to ensure we celebrated the region’s rich spirits legacy” said Yancey.

Fourth Handle Gin (88 proof / 44% ABV) is distilled by macerating juniper berries and imparting flavors of rose petals, orange and grapefruit peels, cucumber, grains of paradise, cubeb berries and coriander through a gin basket on a copper still. Originally distilled at 145 proof, Fourth Handle Gin has a distinct yet subtle piney nose with floral notes and hints of citrus, with tasting notes of lavender and rose, before giving way to spice and coriander and mixing with the sweet cucumber and citrus notes of grapefruit and orange.  The finish starts on a sweet note from the cucumber, and closes with a spicy pepper finale.

Fourth Handle Gin is available for purchase at the distillery for $38.49 per 750mL bottle.

For more information on Tarnished Truth and visit: www.tarnishedtruth.com and @TarnishedTruth on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

About Tarnished Truth

Opened in March of 2018, Tarnished Truth Distilling Co. is located inside the historic Cavalier Hotel. Harkening back to the golden era of the roaring 20’s and paying homage to bourbon whiskey’s roots in the great American south, Tarnished Truth offers finely made bourbons and Ava Vodka, sold on site and used throughout the hotel in signature crafted cocktails. In addition to offering bottled craft spirits available for sale, the distillery offers private tours, a tasting room, and an attached historic prohibition-era dining room and bar, the Hunt Room.

About The Cavalier Hotel

The Virginia Beach icon, The Cavalier Hotel, officially opened its doors March of 2018 after a massive four-year renovation nearing $85MM. Originally completed in 1927, every detail of The Cavalier Hotel has been meticulously restored revealing the glorious architectural elements and design from its glamorous past while incorporating modern-day luxury amenities.

During its heyday, The Cavalier changed the landscape and social scene of Virginia Beach’s oceanfront playing host to ten U.S. Presidents, dozens of celebrities, like Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland, and Frank Sinatra, and was a major venue for performers in the Big Band era, like Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller. In 2014, Gold Key | PHR began the extensive renovation and restoration of the property overseen by Norfolk-based architecture firm, Hanbury. Today the hotel is enjoying a renaissance, making it a destination for locals and world travelers. Reservations can be made atcavalierhotel.com.