Amcor PET Packaging and Saxco International Deliver Distinctive 1.75L PET Bottle For M.S. Walker’s New Integre Premium Vodka


MANCHESTER, Mich., November 2, 2009 – Amcor PET Packaging, the world’s largest PET container manufacturer, has designed and produced a proprietary 1.75L PET bottle for M.S. Walker Inc., a Somerville, Mass.-based manufacturer and distributor of premium spirits. The custom PET bottle gives M.S. Walker’s new vodka brand, Integre, an upscale look.

During product development for Integre Imported Vodka, M.S. Walker found that beyond the quality of taste, consumers ranked package design as a major factor when considering a brand of vodka. Since they already had a great tasting spirit, M.S. Walker focused its attention on bottle design.

They called on Saxco International, Horsham, Pa., an Amcor distributor who has worked closely with Amcor on numerous bottle design projects.

Working with Saxco and M.S. Walker, Amcor delivered a custom bottle with an iconic shape. The distinctive bottle is rigid and heavier than typical PET containers, providing a glass-like feel. The round container has a bulb shoulder and a tapered body. The decision to go without a pinch grip also helped to enhance aesthetics, according to Amcor.

Due to M.S. Walker’s production line requirements, Amcor faced some design constraints – for example, the height and diameter of the bottle were already pre-set. Still, the company was able to create a highly stylized container with a high-quality look. “For this project, an overall concept was presented to Amcor with production line requirements, and we trusted Amcor’s technical expertise to get the job done,” said Lorri Eckman, Sales Representative for Saxco International. “This offered flexibility to Amcor to create a design that not only performs well on M.S. Walker’s line, but maximizes Amcor’s own production efficiencies. A win/win for both sides.

That is the essence of a successful relationship.”

Saxco was a key partner and their involvement helped to facilitate the project, said Todd Mastic, Amcor project engineer. “With Saxco’s assistance, we were able to meet the container design requirements and at the same time dramatically shorten the design time and manufacturing launch,” he added.

The custom PET bottle, manufactured at Amcor’s state-of-the-art facility in Nicholasville, Ky., not only introduced the new brand but helped it succeed during the test run. “Our test markets have had great success selling Integre Vodka,” said Michael B. Brody, Vice President and Director of Sales for M.S. Walker Inc. “Repeat sales in the six test markets have been better than most new brand introductions, and our wholesalers have re-ordered within a few weeks.”

Brody noted that light weight and aesthetics give the PET bottle its distinct consumer appeal. “When the consumer picks up our new vodka in the store, the clean, clear look of the PET bottle, along with the difference in weight versus glass makes it the right choice,” said Brody. “Plus, there’s the sustainability benefit of a greener package in today’s marketplace.”

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