Mocon unveils full set of solutions for assessing beverage packaging performance


Minneapolis, MN (September 14, 2009) -Known internationally as the leading manufacturer of gas analyzers, permeation instrumentation and package integrity systems, MOCON, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOCO) is unveiling its “beverage instrumentation suite of products” at this year’s Drinktec exhibition, September 14-19, in Munich, Germany.

Highlighting these offerings will be the recently-launched OpTech – O2® Platinum, a new standard-setting oxygen analyzer using a florescence-based system for measuring total package integrity for both rigid and flexible beverage packages. The platinum “fluoresces” or gives off light in an amount which is directly related to the amount of oxygen present in a package. This fluorescence can then be read optically making it ideal for non-destructive permeation analysis, headspace and dissolved oxygen analysis and leak determination. Coupled with a bar code and scanner, the technology can also be used to measure and report O2 stability at various points in the distribution channel.

The instrumentation product line addresses a broad spectrum of beverage package shelf-life concerns for both rigid and flexible packages. Brand owners and suppliers can chose from multiple testing options to help assure that the intended packaging performance parameters are going to be met. Other instruments and services include:

PERMATRAN-C® Model 10 determines the shelf life of individual, filled plastic carbonated beverage bottles by measuring the carbon-dioxide (CO2) transmission rate. The self-contained, non-destructive test takes as little as three hours to produce statistically accurate shelf-life results.

BevAlert® Model 8900 GC (from Baseline-MOCON, Inc., a subsidiary of MOCON) is a gas chromatograph which monitors trace impurities in CO2. The analyzer offers improved testing sensitivity across a wider range of gases and eliminates the need for multiple instruments. Traditionally, multiple units have been required to test CO2 for the presence of vinyl chloride, acetaldehyde, methanol, benzene and total sulfur content.

The testing is used by the food and beverage industry and specialty gas manufacturers to monitor trace volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in CO2 used in carbonated beverages and food packaging.

The BevAlert® Model 8900 GC, used in combination with the Series 9000 Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer, enables users to follow the new CO2 purity guidelines set by the International Society of Beverage Technologists.

OxyTraQ® (licensed from Plastic Technologies, Inc.) oxygen permeation system is a fast, easy-to-use multi-station, multi-sensor unit which delivers fast, reproducible results. It targets manufacturers and fillers of beverage bottles and can handle a wide range of containers from small barrier bottles to half-gallon jugs. The OxyTraQ® features an off-line conditioning rack which significantly increases testing throughput and makes it ideally-suited for packages containing oxygen scavenger material.

OX-TRAN® Model 2/61 O2 transmission rate analyzer tests up to six samples (film, closures or bottles) simultaneously. The unit detects and measures small amounts of O2 as it passes through plastic and composite barrier materials used for packaging applications.

TorqTraQ® device (also from Plastic Technologies) enables fast torque testing of closure application and removal. The ergonomically-designed device fits comfortably in the user’s hand and enables reliable and reproducible measurement at the production line. The innovative, hand-held torque meter also minimizes downtime because it can test capper application torque without having to remove the head from the equipment. Additionally, data from the TorqTraQ® device can be downloaded via a USB port.)

MOCON Lippke® 4000 Series is designed to perform a variety of leak and seal strength tests on flexible, rigid and porous materials. Ideal for both rigid and flexible beverage packaging, the instruments measure the strength of the package’s seals and material while simultaneously assessing the package’s ability to seal its contents against atmospheric contamination. The 4000 Series provides precise, accurate and reproducible test results consistent with ASTM Standards F2054, F1140, F2095 and ISO Standard 11607.

PAC CHECK® Model 450 EC analyzer is ideal for entry-level companies who are displacing residual oxygen in their flexible packaging headspace with nitrogen gas flushing. The new unit provides a very fast and accurate way to determine exactly how much residual oxygen has been left in the package. The unit allows both automatic (via a septum and a probe) and manual gas sampling. Results are available in seconds.

Microanalytics™ (a subsidiary of MOCON) provides expert analysis and specific instrumentation for identification of trace compounds of aroma, flavor and odor not typically found by traditional methods. Beverage flavors/aromas are impacted by raw materials, as well as permeation, leaching and/or scalping. The company’s sophisticated AromaTrax® GCMS-Olfactometry System, combined with the human nose, provides bottlers and brewers with an accurate and efficient way to characterize and identify critical odors/aromas. Identifying the compounds that are causing malodors speeds the development of effective processing strategies for their removal, while identifying key compounds aids in the development of an aroma profile.

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