LycoRed Has Developed Vegeterian Fish Oil

LycoRed, Ltd., Israel, launched a new and innovative vegetarian Omega-3 "Lyc-O-Mega 10 AL".  This outstanding ingredient is free from fish odor, and produced only from the highest quality DHA algae oil, making it especially suitable for vegetarians.

“Following the latest publication of The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) on Article 13.1, which included positive opinions on the use of DHA, we are confident that our Lyc-Omega 10AL will be proven to be the best choice of Omega-3 for the food industry,” says Udi Alroy, VP Global Marketing & Sales at LycoRed.  “It is not only the taste and quality that are important, but also the positive opinion of EFSA. We succeeded in creating unique Omega-3 formula thanks to our proprietary microencapsulation technology. It provides all the health benefits of Omega-3 that is derived from fish source, with perfect bland taste for a wide range of applications.”

LycoRed 's Lyc-O-mega 10AL is designed especially for the bakery and confectionary industries. Trials have been conducted successfully in chocolates, crackers and bread that were fortified with Lyc-O-Mega 10AL. The chocolate tablet (5g), for example, contains 5mg of DHA, which is 1/3 of the recommended daily consumption, without affecting its taste profile. LycoRed’s microencapsulation technology enables fortification of baked goods which traditionally could be fortified with Omega-3.

Omega-3 are considered essential fatty acids essential for a balanced nutrition and because they cannot be manufactured by the body, they must be obtained from food. The Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in fish and certain plant oils. Extensive research indicates that Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation, help prevent certain chronic diseases such as heart disease and arthritis and play a crucial role in brain function as well as normal growth and development.

This vegetarian form of Omega-3, unlike fish oil, has the advantage of being both sustainable and suitable for vegetarians and also for children who are more sensitive to taste.

LycoRed is a science-based company with regional facilities in the U.S., Europe and Israel. It supplies natural carotenoids and a wide range of other nutritional and colouringingredients to the dietary supplement, functional food & beverage and nutricosmetic industries worldwide.