Artiste Offers Premium Mint Oils

Waldwick, NJ – September 8, 2011 – No other herb wakes up the senses quite like that of mint.  Its fresh, invigorating aroma is the perfect complement to its cool and refreshing taste.  Artiste, a global flavor and fragrance specialty ingredient company, knows first-hand how popular mint is in today’s products and provides only the finest mint oils to its customers.

According to Artiste President and Principal owner Joe Raimondo, “Many essential oil companies reassemble the components of mint, which flushes out the natural qualities in it.  We use the “whole oil approach” by using its original and natural characters and then craft it for each customer without altering.”

Extracted from the leaf, mint oil is used in a wide variety of popular formulations.  According to the Mint Industry Research Council, 45% of mint oil produced in the US is used for flavoring chewing gum, 45% is used to flavor dentifrices (toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.) and the remaining 10% is used for confectionery, pharmaceutical, liqueur and aroma therapy industries.

The US is the leading producer of the highest quality peppermint in the world and US consumers continue to pick it as their premier flavor in gums and toothpastes.  Artiste is pleased to offer premium quality mint oils to manufacturers targeting this substantial market.

Artiste is an established global flavor and fragrance specialty ingredient company serving customers world-wide. Through its network of partnerships, Artiste offers the finest quality ingredients of flavored extracts, infusions, essential oils, natural aroma products and more.   Located in northern New Jersey, Artiste is the ingredient partner of choice for delivering unparalleled service and consistent high quality ingredients.  For more information, visit