Finally Advanced Green Innovation in Packaging

LEWISVILLE, TX – Created and engineered to solve packaging needs. POP-BLOOX® of Lewisville, TX has launched a new product POP-BLOOX. POP-BLOOX is a reusable, recyclable, multi function premium packaging solution.

Unlike other packaging systems, POP-BLOOX innovative design allows you to just cut the small tabs on 8pack POP-BLOOX to make 2packs, 4packs, and 6packs for marketing leverage. Easily recover your damaged product because POP-BLOOX doesn’t need extra tools! Just “Snap” POP-BLOOX onto the top lip of the can. Position your brand with POP-BLOOX for faster brand recognition. Mix and match product with POP-BLOOX innovative design.

The secondary component of POP-BLOOX is as the very first can builder. Simply Snap POP-BLOOX on the top of the can with the larger opening-up and it becomes a can builder. The larger opening is designed to fit snuggly on the bottom of the next pack of cans. Stack and press your POP-BLOOX product together like LEGOs ™ to create impressive high visibility marketing displays.

Matthew Smithers, CEO and inventor of POP-BLOOX was inspired to create a better solution that would inspire others to be creative and recycle and reuse in very creative ways. “Recycling can be fun and inspire people to be creative at the same time. My dream is for kids of all ages to be able to build and be creative and continue to make new things with my product. I want people to look at aluminum cans in a whole new way so we can eliminate cans in the landfills.” said Matthew Smithers.

POP-BLOOX ® is packaged 75 parts per box. POP-BLOOX is available in 6 standard colors. Custom color matches available on request. The POP-BLOOX MSRP of $1.99 each and is available at standard discount prices depending on volume at and at a growing amount of retailers nationwide. For more information we can be reached by email at, or by phone at 972-221-1732 or fax us at 972-436-4732 or by cell at 469-767-7581.