FutureCeuticals Enters Strategic Alliance with BioBoron Research Institute to Advance Study of FruiteX-B Calcium Fructoborate

MOMENCE, IL FutureCeuticals, Inc. today announced the formation of a strategic alliance with the BioBoron Research Institute and its director, the renowned and well-published chemist Dr. Ion Romulus Scorei. The mission of the alliance is to advance the scientific study and global commercialization of FruiteX-B® Calcium Fructoborate, a patented, nature-identical plant mineral complex available exclusively from FutureCeuticals, Inc.

Dr. Scorei has dedicated much of his research to the study of Calcium Fructoborate. To date, his investigations have resulted in nearly a dozen published studies on Calcium Fructoborate’s unique chemical and biological properties and on new potential health benefits, including, most recently, the material’s ability to modulate inflammatory and lipid blood markers in individuals exhibiting symptoms of primary osteoarthritis.

The BioBoron Research Institute, established in 2009 on a grant from the European Commission’s Sectoral Operational Program for Increasing Economic Competitiveness, is equipped with state-of-the-art GMP laboratories for physico-chemical and biochemical research including spectroscopy, chromatography, molecular biology and cellular culture analyses.

The new collaboration between FutureCeuticals and the BioBoron Research Institute creates a potent discovery engine for the proprietary FruiteX-B® product. As part of the cooperative research, Dr. Scorei and his team will contribute to the chemical and biological differentiation of Calcium Fructoborate from other boron-based compounds and borate complexes.

John M. Hunter, General Manager at FutureCeuticals, advises that his company has seen a sharp spike in interest in and sales of FruiteX-B® over the last several years. “The alliance with the BioBoron Research Institute, and Dr. Scorei in particular, illustrates FutureCeuticals’ ongoing commitment to enriching our scientific dossier on Calcium Fructoborate, and of providing increased value to our FruiteX-B® partners. Dr. Scorei’s expertise, and his body of impressive existing and ongoing research into Calcium Fructoborate will greatly support current business initiatives as well as our planned aggressive push into Europe and other foreign markets”, he added. The organization is wrapping up its own pilot clinical study on the effect of FruiteX-B® on participant-reported joint discomfort and diminished flexibility and inflammatory blood markers associated with osteoarthritis.

About FruiteX-B® Calcium Fructoborate

FruiteX-B® Calcium Fructoborate, a patented nature-identical mineral complex, is a significant nutritional breakthrough for joint and bone support. Extensive and ongoing research shows FruiteX-B® beneficially modulates biotargets associated with joint degeneration and inflammation. “FruiteX-B® Calcium Fructoborate is manufactured under US Patent #5,962,049 and issued and pending foreign patents and is available exclusively from VDF FutureCeuticals, Inc.

About Romulus Scorei, PhD.

Dr. Scorei, professor of Biochemistry at the University of Craiova, received his doctorate in biochemistry from the University of Bucharest in 1997. He is the recipient of numerous accolades for his work on Calcium Fructoborate, including gold medal honors from “Inventika International Fair”, “International Salon of Innovation, Techniques and New Products, and “International Salon of Inventions and Innovations”. In 2009, he founded the BioBoron Research Institute. In 2010, Dr. Scorei earned the distinction of Science Man of the Year from the Mihai Eminescu International Academy. He currently sits on the Editorial Board of the journal Biochemistry and Analytical Biochemistry: Current Research.