New Natamax B Plus from Danisco – the Next Generation of Natural Antifungal Solution

Clearly More Efficient Against Yeast and Mold Spoilage in Food and Beverages

Natural ingredients and food freshness are two intersecting consumer concerns driving today’s food product development. With Natamax® B Plus, food developers can deliver both more cost effectively.
Highly soluble, Natamax® B Plus is a patent-pending natural complex, composed of natamycin and gamma-cyclodextrin.

Increased Efficiency
Natamax® B Plus is three times more effective in controlling yeast and mold when sprayed on baked goods than the same concentration of pure natamycin. The increased potency of Natamax® B Plus is due
to its greater solubility in water and consequent dispersion when sprayed, which ensures optimal dosing on baked goods.

“Adding even one more day of shelf life to a product can be a significant cost saving,” said Cathy Dorko,Danisco USA, industry manager: Bakery and Fats & Oils. “Using Natamax® B Plus, manufacturers can save by adding shelf life and also through more efficient application of our solution. Our research shows significant gains in shelf life in baked goods using Natamax® B Plus vs. straight natamycin.”

Excellent Solubility
The excellent solubility and neutral taste of Natamax® B Plus as well as its optimal clarity when dissolved into liquid also makes it an ideal natural antifungal solution for beverages. Shelf life tests have shown the
product to remain effective after 7 weeks shelf life in orange juice. Another benefit is that Natamax® B Plus can be used safely in beverages with ascorbic acid (vitamin C) added, whereas some other antifungals can’t without benzene formation. In addition, Natamax® B Plus leaves negligible sedimentation for a greater product appeal.

Cost Under Control
The high solubility of Natamax® B Plus allows manufacturers to optimize dosages and reduce energy and maintenance costs. Processing is quicker because the solution does not require agitation. With minimal sedimentation, maintenance and equipment clean up are easier too.

Care4U™ Range
Natamax® B Plus is part of Danisco’s Care4U™ range of natural protective solutions, which also includes MicroGARD® fermentates, NovaGARD® antimicrobial blends, Nisaplin® and Natamax® natural antimicrobials, HOLDBAC™ and other protective cultures, and GUARDIAN™ natural extracts. For further information on Natamax® B Plus, visit

Danisco’s Care4U™ range of natural food protection solutions, reinforced by DuPont Qualicon sciencebased pathogen detection and microbial monitoring systems, together, help companies protect their products, productivity and brands. For more information, or to contact a Danisco representative for assistance with a specific formulation, visit