Sonata Group Inc. Proudly Announces the Release of Reactioncaps

Irvine, CA (August 9, 2011) – Sonata Group Inc. proudly announces the release of Reactioncaps, a revolutionary bottle cap that will forever change the way you think of bottle caps. With its patent pending design, Reactioncaps allows you to store dry ingredients such as vitamins within a compartment in the cap, separately from the liquid, until point of consumption.  By keeping vitamins in dry form, they remain potent much longer and deliver maximum health benefits to the consumer.

Priced to compete with regular caps, Reactioncaps will more than pay for itself by reducing the quantity of active ingredients and preservatives needed, eliminating the need for refrigeration, and extending shelf life so there is virtually no waste.  With its readily recognizable design, it will also make your product standout from competitors while providing a “wow” factor to consumers who see the cap in action.  In short, Reactioncaps can decrease your costs, promote brand recognition, and increase your sales.

The problem with vitamin drinks is that vitamins lose potency in liquid form.  For example, a vitamin C pill can last years, but the vitamin C content in drinks decreases 30% in less than 30 days at room temperature. Refrigeration can slow the process of degradation, but refrigerated transportation and storage are costly.  With this problem in mind, Sonata Group spent over 4 years to develop the Reactioncap.

The concept behind the Reactioncap is not unique – there are competing bottle caps which store vitamins separately from liquid. However, Reactioncaps is superior to these other competitors’ bottle caps in several ways. First, Reactioncaps is simple to use.  Consumers simply open the bottle cap as they would open a normal bottle cap.  As the consumer unscrews the bottle cap, the vitamins automatically drop from the compartment into the liquid.  Other competitors’ designs force the consumer to execute multiple twisting or pushing actions to release the vitamins into the liquid, but there is no additional action needed for Reactioncaps.

In addition, Reactioncaps is a single mold design.  Competitors’ caps require multiple parts and require assembly which drives up costs.  These caps can cost over 10 times as much as regular bottle caps, making the drinks cost prohibitive.  Reactioncaps can be injection molded in one piece and does not require any assembly.  No other competitor’s bottle cap is one molded piece.

Reactioncaps allows beverage companies to preserve vitamin potency, cut costs by reducing the amount of active ingredients needed, and exponentially increase shelf life without costly refrigeration.  As commodity prices surge, energy prices spike, and consumers grow skeptical of health claims, the beverage industry is facing lawsuits, increased costs, and decreased profitability.  Reactioncaps can provide your beverage company with true benefits that cannot be matched by any competitor.

For inquiries about licensing Reactioncaps, please contact the Sonata Group, Inc. by phone at 949-975-1870 or e-mail at