BENEO Presents New Sweetening Solutions with Stevia, ISOMALT and Palatinose at ISM 2012

January 30, 2012 — BENEO, one of the leading manufacturers in functional ingredients, is presenting a range of new sweetening solutions at ISM this year.  These include herbal flavored sugar-free candy samples using ISOMALT and Stevia as well as a new chewing gum concept which, for the first time, features BENEO’s Palatinose™ (isomaltulose) combined with Stevia*. By combining BENEO’s functional bulk sweeteners with Stevia, a variety of nutritional and health benefits can be achieved without compromising the taste and mouthfeel of the end product.

Chewing gum with Palatinose™ (and Stevia) BENEO is showcasing the ‘first’ chewing gum with Palatinose™ and Stevia at ISM – a tooth-friendly and fully digestible chewing gum. The ingredient combination demonstrates a sugar-like sweetness successfully masking the licorice-like aftertaste sometimes associated with Stevia. With the bubble gum market growing and counting for 12.2% of the total chewing gum market in value worldwide (Euromonitor 2011) and product launches with Stevia more than tripling worldwide in 2010/11 according to Mintel, the natural progression is the combination of the benefits of Stevia with the nutritional and technical benefits of BENEO’s tooth-friendly sugar, Palatinose™.

BENEO’s next generation sugar can be processed like sucrose. Storage tests have shown that both the texture of the core and crunch are similar to that of sucrose chewing gums. However, in contrast to sucrose, Palatinose™ is low glycemic and tooth-friendly. Its slow dissolution kinetics help to release flavors over a longer period of time and its very low hygroscopicity enhances the gum’s shelf life. In addition, using Palatinose™ in chewing gum retains the core’s shape immediately whereas the cores in other gums need to be stored for a given amount of time to deliver similar results.

Sugar-free candy with ISOMALT and Stevia BENEO is also showcasing an herbal flavored sugar-free candy with ISOMALT and Stevia at ISM.  The combination of ISOMALT and Stevia supports a wide range of flavors without the negative aftertaste that is sometimes associated with Stevia.  This is due to the fact that ISOMALT enhances both fruity and subtle flavors and demonstrates good stability, ensuring that there is no difference in a product’s taste over time.  Not only does the combination of ISOMALT and Stevia ensure a refined taste profile over the lifetime of the product, the combination achieves a series of other nutritional and technical benefits, including sugar-free, low glycemic, tooth-friendly, low calorie and sugar-like sweetness.

ISOMALT and Palatinose™ are both derived from sugar-beet and have a similar sweetening profile. Their dental health and blood glucose benefits have been recently approved by EFSA. Both bulk sweeteners offer manufacturers an alternative to sugar while providing benefits to consumers.

“Consumers and manufacturers used to the experience of sugar, expect similar taste, functionality and bulk from a healthy alternative.  As a result of the work we have done in developing the optimum sweetening profile when combining ISOMALT and Palatinose™ with Stevia, a range of nutritional, taste and health benefits can now successfully be achieved,” comments Rudy Wouters, Vice President BENEO-Technology Center.

Achieving balanced taste sensations with ISOMALT, Palatinose™ and Stevia have been made possible by the BENEO-Technology Center.  Specialists working in the newly formed center of expertise have worked closely together to overcome the challenges related to formulations with Stevia.  BENEO’s experience in combining its bulk sweeteners with Stevia supports the development of healthy products with a balanced sweetening and added benefits.

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