Nesugar Revolutionizes the Sweet Ingredient Market

Case Studies Show Caribbean Liquid Sugar’s Ingredient Solutions are Key for Success in the Evolving Food & Beverage Manufacturing Market

(Rochester, NY) — October 18, 2012 — In today’s challenging economy, it has never been more important for manufacturers to gain a competitive edge by streamlining operations, reducing energy costs and becoming more efficient. Additionally, consumer culture is undergoing an all natural and health conscience revolution. “Consumers are much more knowledgeable about organics today than they were 10 years ago,” asserts Laurie Demeritt, COO and president of market research firm, The Hartman Group.[1] According to Jessica Jones-Dille, senior manager of industry trends and market research, at Wild Flavors, “Right now, natural is a huge trend, whether it’s sugar or stevia. People want to get away from high- intensity sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup and people are paying more attention to labels and what each ingredient is.”[2] Grassroots consumer movements such as the Non GMO Project are sprouting and are growing in support with the rally cry of “Right to Know.”[3] Recent polls show that more than 90% of Americans want to know whether or not their food contains GMOs. Caribbean Liquid Sugar ( is meeting the needs of manufacturers to gain competitive edge by reducing costs up to 33% while providing an all natural and GMO free alternative to high fructose corn syrup and with their revolutionary liquid cane sugar syrup manufactured under the highest quality and safety standards. Caribbean Liquid Sugar’s innovative ingredient solutions paired with excellent production performance with optimum efficiency is a recipe for success. Caribbean Liquid Sugar is committed to the advancement of the all natural sweeteners in the United States and international markets.

One proprietor’s success with Nesugar comes from Miguel Tiachi of La 90 Bakery located in Queens, New York. “We tried Nesugar for a test on our most popular bread recipe and we could not believe that we were able to reduce our softer and perfectly toasted breads with better appearance. These results impact directly to business bottom line.” In addition to reducing production time, energy costs, and labor, Nesugar allows food processors to label sweetening ingredients as GMO free, all natural, and organic with Nesugar Organic.

Top 10 Benefits of Nesugar:

1)    Reducing production time, energy costs, and labor costs.

2)    Extends shelf life with prolonged freshness of finished goods without preservatives

3)    Improves taste and aroma

4)    Easily absorbed by Yeast in baked product reducing dough rising time

5)    Dissolves instantly in hot and cold liquids

6)    Prevents crystallization

7)    Superior browning and texture for baked and finished goods

8)    Free of impurities

9)    Shelf stable, easy to store and handle

10) Certified GMO free, gluten free, vegan and SKS kosher

Food & Beverage businesses in North America, Europe and South America are reaping the benefits of substituting high fructose corn syrup or granular sugar in exchange for Nesugar, the invert cane sugar syrup revolutionizing the sweet ingredient market.

Caribbean Liquid Sugar

In 2004 Caribbean Liquid Sugar began in Don Tejada’s kitchen, driven by a passion for healthy foods, good nutrition, and love for natural products. Don Tejada’s eldest son, Roberto, and family friend, Mau, took the dream of an all-natural, artificially free sweetener and developed Nesugar and Nesugar Light.  Both of which are vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free and above all, delicious, Caribbean Liquid Sugar brings natural sweetness while striving to promote sustainability and a healthy planet. For further information about Caribbean Liquid Sugar, please visit   For media related inquiries or sample requests, please contact Leigh-Anne Anderson at (805) 969-3744 or via email at