NP Nutra Launches Organic Plant-based Protein Blend

GARDENA, Calif. — Nature’s Power Nutraceuticals Corp (NP Nutra), a leading wholesale supplier of premium nutraceutical ingredients in the US, is excited to announce the launch of their Organic Plant-based NutraProtein Power Blend.

NutraProtein Power Blend is a specially-formulated nutritional mix of superior plant-based protein, essential amino acids and other vital nutrients. Due to its high bioavailability and digestibility, this premium protein powder supplies the body with an energy and stamina boost to get through the rigors and stress of a busy day or a physical workout.

Instead of Stevia this nutritional formulation is naturally sweetened with Lo Han Guo (Monkfruit) and is pleasantly flavored, promotes muscle metabolism and maintains overall physical wellbeing. With a protein content greater than 55%, NutraProtein Power Blend comes in two delicious flavors, Greens and Chocolate, and is more than 95% certified organic.

The Greens formula contains Pea Protein Powder 80% (organic), Sacha Inchi Protein Powder(organic), Brown Rice Protein 80% (organic), Alfalfa Grass Powder (organic), Barley GrassPowder (organic), Wheatgrass Powder (organic), Hemp Protein Powder 45% (organic), Lucuma Powder (organic) and Lo Han Guo 7%. The Chocolate formula contains Pea Protein Powder 80%(organic), Sacha Inchi Protein Powder (organic), Brown Rice Protein 80% (organic), CocoaPowder (organic), Mesquite Powder (organic) and Lo Han Guo 7%.

“NP Nutra is happy to offer a Certified Organic NutraProtein Power Blend,” said Mr. Thomas Walton, NP Nutra’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Our Sourcing Department has worked diligently to find authentic manufacturers and approve ingredients which meet the requirements of our Triple-T Verification Program. Some ingredients like PeaProtein presented us with quite a challenge. Testing revealed that the majority of organic PeaProtein products circulating in the marketplace test positive for GMOs although they are supposedly certified organic. After substantial research and testing, we approved a premium organic Pea Protein and were able to finalize our Blend formulation. We are very excited to add NutraProtein Power Blend to our extensive Nutra Organics portfolio.”

About NP Nutra

For twenty years, NP Nutra has been supplying customers with the finest nutraceutical ingredients produced at our approved partner facilities around the world. Our ongoing commitment to purity, quality and reliability have earned the trust of a growing clientele, including the world’s leading functional food and beverage, dietary supplement, cosmetic and pet food manufacturers who have become loyal customers through the years.