T. Hasegawa USA Expands Organic Certification To Cerritos Facility

CERRITOS, Calif.— T. Hasegawa USA, Inc. announced that it recently established organic certification under the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) at its Cerritos, California facility, marking its second manufacturing facility to achieve this important designation with its Corona, California facility already certified.

“Certified organic flavors from Cerritos are a crucial extension of our line of clean-label offerings to customers,” said company CEO, Tom Damiano. “As our company continues to grow, we are able to partner with more and more organic projects around the world, thereby supporting organic practices, fair wages, and economic development.”

Our manufacturing capabilities provide a wide range of flavor solutions that are perfected for use in a diverse spectrum of applications, including: water-soluble liquid blends; oil-soluble liquid blends; emulsions; extracts; spray dry powder; vacuum dry powder; powder blends; compounding; thermally processed; distillation; enzymolysis; fermentation and homogenization.

“We are proud to have met the rigorous standards of one of the leading organic certifiers in the United States so we can help brands provide organic options to their customers,” stated Nancy Wang, quality control manager. “We are committed to the highest quality and food safety standards in the flavor industry. Meeting this organic benchmark is further confirmation that we continue to meet these standards.”

Taryn Matsuoka, regulatory manager said, “The organic certification is another step we’ve taken toward meeting growing consumer demand for clean label, non-GMO, and organic products. This organic certification simply underscores the commitment across our entire company in developing flavors that exceeds customer expectations.”

About T. Hasegawa USA, Inc.

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