The Flow: CCE gives a virtual tour; BevNET Live 35 days away


  • BevNET requets your feedback: Take the State of the Industry Survey and let us know what you think. Link
  • Coca-Cola Enterprises released a series of YouTube videos highlighting its environmental efforts on through energy reduction Link Water stewardship Link and recycling Link. The company also offered a virtual facility tour of its Bellvue, Wash. production facility. Link
  • Only 35 days until BevNET Live Winter ’09 – Featuring a new “Beverage School” session and an awards dinner for BevNET’s “Best of 2009” awards, BevNET Live Winter 2009 builds on the success of prior BevNET Live events. Link


  • Jones Soda Co. is rolling out a new flavor of its seasonal chestnut: Tofurky and Gravy. Link


  • Innovative Beverage Group Holdings, Inc. announced that the company has entered into an agreement with Pepsi Cola Bottling Company of New York, to bring drank to the city. Link


  • A company that says it owns trademarks covering Mellow sleep aid drinks is suing a Las Vegas company for promoting similar-sounding products on the Internet. Mellow Beverage says Beverage Concepts is stealing its slogans. Link


  • Authorities in Minnesota have added information about energy drinks to the D.A.R.E. curriculum taught to grade-school students. Link
  • Rochester, N.Y.-area retailers said they heard little grumbling from customers as the stores started implementing New York state’s new 5-cent deposit for some bottled water Saturday morning, Link but the measure has left local consumers divided, according to The Journal News. Link
  • The Senate Health Committee will hold a hearing in Los Angeles this week on the relationship between soft drinks and obesity. A recent report from UCLA finds that teenagers are the largest consumers of soft drinks. It also finds one out of five San Diego adults drink at least one soda a day. Link
  • Consumer Reports detected bisphenol A in a wide variety of canned soups and other foods, including Nestle Juicy Juice cans, which averaged 9.7 parts-per-billion; Link the STATS organization at George Mason University called Consumer Reports’ work “Toxic Journalism.” Link


  • In a contest beginning this month, Mtn Dew will hand off marketing duties for a $100 million-plus business to several potentially-unknown advertising shops selected by consumers. Link
  • As part of a pilot recycling program, Rehrig Pacific has collaborated with Coca-Cola Recycling, LLC to offer Atlanta residents a rewards and loyalty program for household recycling. Link
  • ACUTEfruit has announced an extension of a sampling program into new markets and stores. Monarch has already been conducting the sampling program through RaceTrac outlets in the Atlanta and Dallas-Ft. Worth markets and Mapco Marts in Nashville. Monarch is also expanding the program in Memphis, Chattanooga and Knoxville through Mapco stores and select independent outlets in Atlanta.
  • Throughout the month of November, Benihana will donate 100 percent of proceeds from the sale of bottled FIJI Water at all 76 U.S. restaurant locations to Best Buddies International, a nonprofit organization with a mission to change the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. Link


  • Research from Kent State University concluded that girls tend to prefer sweet foods and fruit and vegetables, whereas boys like meat, fish and poultry, but tastes were also seen to change with age. Link
  • Mindset Media recently performed a study that mapped personality type to beer choice. Link
  • Diet sodas may damage the kidneys, according to a study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Research on 3,000 women found that two or more artificially sweetened drinks a day doubled the risk of a faster-than-average decline in kidney function. Link


  • NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams will follow Amy Guerrieri, founder and CEO of ROCKIN’ WATER, when she returns to Kentucky with her “Mom Brigade” in November.
  • drank is an appropriate addition to comfy couches and hookahs, according to the Grand Rapids Press. Link


  • Drinks Americas Holdings, Ltd. announced that it has reduced its debt in the aggregate amount of $1,002,450. The Company reached agreements with the CEO and members of its Board of Directors to satisfy obligations owed to them for a portion of an outstanding loan by issuing to them 1,763,607 shares of common stock and warrants to acquire 9,838,793 shares of common stock. Link


  • ViB Holdings LLC announced that Dallas Stars’ forward Mike Modano is one of the company’s celebrity investors. Link
  • Reed’s Inc. has bought Sonoma Sparkler, a sparkling juice brand. Link
  • Crystal Springs announced that it has acquired Cohutta Water. Crystal Springs will expand its home and office bottled water delivery service further into the greater Atlanta and Nashville areas and additional Georgia and Tennessee communities. Link


  • Apple Rush Co., Inc. announced that it has sourced a domestic organic erythritol supplier for its upcoming Apple Rush Organic Light Juices. Link
  • BI Nutraceuticals announced that it has added four new extracts that can be used in dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages to its ingredient library. Link
  • Amcor PET Packaging has designed and produced a proprietary 1.75L PET bottle for M.S. Walker Inc., a Somerville, Mass.-based manufacturer and distributor of spirits. Link


  • A Chinese softdrink maker is suing the Chinese unit of PepsiCo Inc. because the company says its former joint-venture partner is illegally using its brand and business secrets. China Tianfu Cola Group Corp also said it is preparing additional legal action charging the beverage giant with contract breaches that caused the JV to go into debt. Link
  • In England, Red Bull lost 783 pub accounts to Monster Energy, then allegedly asked employees to smuggle Red Bull into those clubs and complain that they didn’t like the taste of Monster, according to a pub-industry publication The Publican. Link


  • Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins, the exclusive Major League Baseball endorser of Red Bull, strategically positioned two cans of Red Bull and a Red Bull hat behind him during World Series Game 1 post-game interviews. Link