The Flow: Colorado bev. tax advances; PBG buys Ab-Tex bottler


  • Colorado’s State Senate passed a bill that would end the 2.9 percent sales tax exemption on candy and soda. The measure passed by a party-line vote of 18 to 17. Link
  • The Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc. announced that it has completed its acquisition of Ab-Tex Beverage, Ltd. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Link
  • Reviews: Energy Cola Link and Recovery Lemonade from Rockstar Energy Drink. Link


  • Fruitology, Inc. announced a new, all-natural Energy Shot with KonaRed Coffee Fruit from Sandwich Isle Trading Company. The shot will come in three flavors, Orange Caramel, Chocolate Cherry and White Chocolate Raspberry, and appear on retailer shelves in March. Link


  • The Dad’s Root Beer Company, LLC announced the addition of John P. O’Sullivan Distributing of Flint, Michigan to the Dad’s Root Beer Team. Link
  • QuikTrip Corp. has added Superliminal Purple Stuff to its corporately owned stores in Arizona. Link
  • Game Juice Inc. announced that it has reached agreement with United Beverage Inc. to distribute Game Juice throughout the Greater San Francisco and Oakland areas. Link


  • New York City could raise $222 million a year from proposed taxes on sugary soft drinks, reported the Independent Budget Office of the City of New York. Link
  • Employees of the Pepsi Bottling Group sent hundreds of letters opposing a proposed beverage tax to Colorado legislators, the Denver Post reported. Link
  • Philadelphia City Controller Alan Butkovitz has discouraged the city’s administration from instituting a tax on sodas. Link


  • H 10 O Vitamin Infused Waters announced a 2010 racing program with Sanchez Motorsports.
  • Rockstar Energy Ddrink announced the purchase of Villa Ferarri on Palm Island near Miami. The mansion includes a 100 foot boat dock, 11 master suite bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, 3 guest houses, 2 pools, and when it comes to parties and events it can accommodate up to an amazing 1,500 people. Link
  • Crozier Roberson Motorsports announced that it has inked a sponsorship agreement with DNA Beverage Corporation. Link
  • VooDoo Elixirs announced marketing relationship between RootJack pirate energy drink and video game Pirates Vikings and Knights II.
  • Coke Zero announced a NCAA promotion and sweepstakes called “An Exclusive Ticket” at LongHorn Steakhouse. Fans can register for a chance to win a ticket to the 2010 NCAA Men’s Final Four in Indianapolis and the “Coke Zero Countdown” concert, along with an exclusive VIP party.
  • Save the Date: BevNET Live Returns to NYC June 7 + 8 – Building on the success of our two sold out events in 2009, we’re bringing you a two day program at the W NEW YORK that will feature our “Beverage School” format on June 7 and BevNET Live on June 8 Link


  • A new study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition confirmed that high levels of caffeine found in a single espresso have unfavorable cardiovascular effects. Link
  • One-third of Americans (34 percent) have switched to refillable water bottles instead of purchasing bottles of water to save money, while 10 percent have considered doing so, reports Harris Interactive. Link
  • Researchers in London found that cranberry juice may help lower blood pressure and help promote heart health, reported United Press International. Link


  • The Wisconsin Poison Center told Madison’s Channel 3000 that it has seen an uptick in caffeine overdoses. Link
  • The American Beverage Association and its members have applauded Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity initiative because they have purchased so much silence elsewhere in Washington, the Boston Globe reports. Link
  • In their critics’ eyes, the beverage industry is acting a lot like the tobacco industry, the New York Times reports. Link
  • The Coca-Cola Co., Inc. CEO Muhtar Kent said he doesn’t see any reason why his company’s sponsorship of the Olympic Games shouldn’t continue beyond 2020, Bloomberg reported. Link


  • For 24 hours, starting Friday at 9 p.m. ET, The Coca-Cola Co., Inc. devoted Its outdoor digital advertising network to raising awareness for “We Are The World 25 For Haiti.” Link


  • The Coca-Cola Co., Inc. denied that its Super Bowl ad featuring a sleepwalker in Africa copied a similar ad by Yotvata Dairy for its chocolate milk, calling any similarities “purely a coincidence.” Link
  • The Coca-Cola Co., Inc. employees at this year’s Winter Olympics are wearing clothes made from recycled plastic bottles. Link