United Beverage Partner to Distribute Game Juice in Northern California

February 15, 2010, Miami, FL – Game Juice Inc. announced today that it has reached agreement with United Beverage Inc. to distribute Game Juice® throughout the Greater San Francisco and Oakland areas. United Beverage has more than 1,100 retail accounts in the region and has been operating since 2003.

By partnering with United Beverage, Game Juice® is expanding its sales base into California, which has the highest proportional concentration of consumers between the ages of 12-24 in the United States. The Greater San Francisco and Oakland areas alone have more than 1.1 million residents in this highly influential and trend-setting age range. California counties served by United Beverage include Alameda, San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Clara, San Joaquin, San Mateo, Sonoma, Contra Casta, and Santa Cruz.

“Working with United Beverage and their widespread sales network is an outstanding way for Game Juice to expand into Greater San Francisco and Oakland,” said Matt Rosenberg, President of Game Juice Inc. “California is a natural fit for Game Juice. So much of the California lifestyle is trend-setting, athletic and edgy, and of course it is a global hub for video game development and outdoor sports. We look forward to a great future with our new friends in California.”

“Game Juice’s expansion in Northern California is a great fit with our retail network,” said Fayoz Sharif, President of United Beverage Inc. “We serve a predominantly young demographic here in California. Game Juice has been received well, and teens identify with its unique style and taste. We plan to aggressively expand in the Greater San Francisco and Oakland markets.”

For more information, please contact Matt Rosenberg of Game Juice Inc. at (786) 525 6969 or at mrosenberg@gamejuice.com. Fayoz Sharif of United Beverage can be reached at (510) 502 5300 or at fsharif@unitedbeverageinc.com.

About Game Juice®

Game Juice® is the first gamer-created drink that fills the gap between sodas and energy drinks for an entire generation of people that play all types of games. Created with the direct input of teens, gamers and extreme sports enthusiasts, Game Juice® features an Apple & Ginger flavor, four B Vitamins, real sugar, and moderate caffeine and Taurine in a game-sport grip bottle. For more information, go to http://www.gamejuice.com or contact Matt Rosenberg at (786) 525-6969 or mrosenberg@gamejuice.com.

About United Beverage Inc.

United Beverage Inc. is based in Stockton, CA with additional distribution locations in Sacramento, Hayward, San Leandro. United Beverage distributes beverages to more than 1,100 retail accounts in the Greater San Francisco and Oakland areas. For more information, please go to www.unitedbeverageinc.com or call (510) 502 5300.