The Flow: Noone DSD in Town; Online with BevNET Live


  • New high-end DSD purveyor Green Shoots gets profiled on Link
  • In an interview with PepsiCo social media director Bonin Bough, it appears that the company is prepared to learn — even from failure. Link


  • PURE SWISS comes now in sparkling. It will be sold in 1.0L and 0.5L glass bottles. Link
  • Metromint has launched its newest variety, Goodberrymint, an all-natural blend of mint and mixed berries, including the essence of acai, blueberries, blackberries, pomegranates and raspberries. As part of “Project Goodberry,” 10 percent of the proceeds from Goodberrymint will be donated to a non-profit organization to feed the hungry. Link
  • Honest Tea has launched its first stevia-sweetened product, Passion Fruit Green Tea with Maqui Berry. Link
  • American Summits LLC, has launched American Summits, a new natural and sparkling water in 750 ml glass bottles that is manufactured through sustainable environmental initiatives. Link
  • Maine's Newest Soda Company, Green Bee, has launched Lemon Sting Soda, made with natural Maine honey, rosemary and lemon juice. Link
  • Ayala Herbal Water launched a carbonated series of its infused waters. Link
  • Just in time for summer, Coke launched Kvass in Whole Foods in Manhattan. The Russian drink is made with fermented rye and barley but is non-alcoholic. Link


  • CRUNK!!! Energy Stix are now available at all Casey's General Store locations in Iowa and surrounding states, while CRUNK!!! Energy Drink is now available at all Cumberland Farms in the Northeast.
  • Neuro announced that 7-Eleven has authorized Neuro in Nevada and Arizona.
  • Full Motion Beverage, Inc. has entered into an exclusive agreement with Power Potions, LLC to distribute the Wat-aah! brand of premium fortified water throughout Long Island, New York. Link


  • Baltimore has passed a beverage tax, one of the few legislative issues that have gone against the beverage industry. Link


  • Continuing to zero in on bicyclists, its new set of target consumers, HYDRIVE Enhanced Water Energy Drinks will run a new 30 second TV spot on the Tour de France broadcast, which runs from July 3 to July 25 on Versus Network. Link
  • Celsius Holdings, Inc. has entered into a deal with Coast Brands Group LLC,to expand and deepen Celsius’ availability on the West Coast. Link
  • HINT Water launched a co-branded promotion with the forthcoming Warner Bros. movie Yogi Bear. Link


  • The University of Illinois has published a study identifying Yerba Mate as a potent source of antioxidants and polyphenols — making for an extremely excited staff at Guayaki, which had the highest count among all the products tested. Link
  • Consumers are interested in products that use simple, wholesome ingredients with minimal processing a key area of interest, according to a study by Innova Market Insights. Examples include marketing new products as “like grandma made” and “from the cupboard.” Link


  • Stevia is being used in a number of new products, but it isn't perfect, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Link


  • Fortitech has developed a white paper on Kids' Health nutrients. Link
  • A BevNET representative visited Flavorman — nee Pro-Liquitech — in Louisville, KY. Link
  • Packaging manufacturer Ball Corporation has issued a sustainability report, its second since 2008. Link


  • The French Trademark Office rejected Red Bull's request to ban the VPX Redline trademark in France due to the potential for confusion between the two brands.
  • Bottled water company Icelandic Glacial has signed a distribution agreement with Russian beverage distributor ZAO Nectar-Trade to bring the natural spring water from Iceland to Russia. Link