The Flow: No Fake Red Bull to U.S.; Guayakí Honored


  • Guayakí CEO Chris Mann will be presenting as part of a special session, Investing in the World’s Forests, during the Clinton Global Initiative’s Sixth Annual Meeting. The company was selected for presentation for the way it addresses the challenges of economic empowerment. Link
  • The U.S. International Trade Commission has issued a general exclusion order that will not allow unofficial, "grey market" Red Bull products to be imported to the country. Link
  • Boston officials are debating a ban on sales of sugary or high-calorie drinks on city-owned property, an article in The Boston Globe revealed. Link


  • Jones Soda Co will be re-launching its WhoopAss beverage at the NACS trade show in Atlanta. WhoopAss will now come in an all-black 16-oz. aluminum can featuring a red and grey Iron Cross graphic, contain antioxidants equivalent to 2.5 servings of vegetables and other amino acids, and be purple, rather than yellow, with a dragonfruit flavor. Link
  • Abbot has launched the new beverage, EAS Peak. The beverage contains amino acids and specially formulated carbohydrates with ingredients intended to halt muscle breakdown. Link
  • Smartwater will be offered in a new 1 L glass bottle at select restaurants and fine dining establishments in the Atlanta, Los Angeles and Las Vegas markets. Link
  • Sierra Mist has launched the new formula. The beverage is now sweetened with sugar and has no artificial flavors or preservatives. The packaging has also been updated with an updated logo and light green bottle. Link


  • The CoolJuice Beverage Company has expanded distribution to Texas, Georgia and Florida schools;from mid-September onward, the juices will also be sold in Winn-Dixie, Sweetbay, Albertson’s Los Angeles and Nevada, Cub Foods in Minneapolis and Ohio, and most Target stores in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana Link
  • WAT-AAH! has expanded distribution in schools around the US and is now available in California, New York, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Colorado and Alaska, with more states to follow. Link
  • Canada's largest bulk food retailer Bulk Barn will now be carrying select Reed's beverages in its 130 stores across the country. Link


  • Seth Kaufman, director of media strategy and investment for PepsiCo North America Beverages, recently spoke with Marketing Daily about the PepsiCo10 program for specially selected startup companies. Link
  • A recent article posted on debated the CRA's desire to re-brand high fructose corn syrup as "corn sugar." It discussed the significance of the association's effort, and discussed whether or not the new name would change perception of the substance. Link
  • An article on AOL Finance noted that Mexican Coca-Cola is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. The piece also examined how and where the item is being distributed, in addition to its price and social media marketing campaigns. Link
  • Peter Gleick, the author of “Bottled and Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water,” is taking aim at Wataah in a column on the Huffington Post. Link
  • A New York Times article weighed in about concerns surrounding high fructose corn syrup, and whether calling the substance "corn sugar" will really change perceptions of the sweetener. Link


  • This fall, the FDA is reminding consumers to pay attention to the apple cider and seasonal juices that they purchase. The FDA wants people to read labels and be aware of foodbourne illness that may occur in unpasturized products. Link


  • This year, Coke Zero celebrates its fifth birthday. The beverage is currently available in 130 countries. This year, the company launched the Coke Zero Facial Profiler, a Facebook-based application that allows users to find their lookalikes around the world using the face-detection industry’s most advanced technology. Link


  • Volvic Water and the Rainforest Foundation have partnered for the "Drink 1, Give 10" campaign. The initiative will help 10 indigenous groups in Central and South America protect their rights and forests. Link


  • Coca-Cola is releasing a cookbook titled "When You Entertain" in Harvey Nichols stores in the UK and in Dublin. The book aims to highlight Coca-Cola's association with food and family occasions over the past 100 years. Link
  • A recent article in The Guardian examined new non-alcoholic beverages and how they are being marketed to men – in addition to the growing soft drink market in the U.K. In particular, it looked at the new beverage Iron Press, which resembles beer when served in a glass. Link