The Flow: FDA Warns DPSU; Launches


  • The FDA has issued a warning letter to Dr Pepper Snapple Group. According to the agency, Canada Dry Sparkling Green Tea Ginger Ale is mislabeled with the claim that it is "enhanced" with "antioxidants" from green tea and vitamin C. Link
  • 7UP has launched new packaging with updated graphics, and a new "Ridiculously Bubbly" TV spots, that feature actor and comedian David Spade. the 30 and 15 second long spots are currently airing nationwide. Link
  • BevNET Announces the Launch of, a New Site for the Craft Beer Category Link


  • will be selling Zimbi drinks online, thanks to a new agreement with manufacturer Xymbiot, Inc. Link


  • ALL IN Energy has signed a new distribution agreement with PPNC Distributing Co., meaning it will now be distributed in over 400 grocery stores in Southern California. Link
  • Keeper Springs has expanded distribution of its Spring Water through New York State, thanks to an agreement with Manhattan Beer. Link


  • Members of the band WAR are suing PepsiCo over the use of the song "Why Can't We Be Friends" in a recent advertisement. Link
  • Arctic Glacier International Inc. has signed an agreement with the Michigan Attorney General in that it will pay out $350,000 to resolve allegations that the company violated Michigan's antitrust laws. Link


  • The Huffington Post took a looked at milk and non-dairy equivalents. Link


  • HYDRIVE Energy Company acted as the official sponsor of the 2010 World Human Powered Speed Challenge in which cyclists attempted to break the world’s speed record of 82.8 mph in Battle Mountain, Nevada. Link
  • Iceland Spring will be served to guests and show crew on the Rachel Ray Show for the entire new season. Link
  • XYIENCE has renewed the brand ambassador contract of international mixed martial arts (MMA) superstar Wanderlei Silva. Link


  • New research from Worcester Polytechnic Institute indicates that cranberry juice may be effective in protecting against some staph infections like toxic shock syndrome and MRSA. Link


  • PepsiCo has released its first water stewardship report, titled "Water Stewardship: Good for Business. Good for Society." The report reveals how the company has been improving its water efficiency and helping individuals around the world achieve safe access to water sources. PepsiCo has also achieved a 5 percent improvement in water use efficiency as compared to the company's 2006 baseline. Link
  • PepsiCo has made the decision to continue funding its Pepsi Refresh Project through 2011. It will expand the initiative to program in Europe, Latin America and Asia in the coming year. Link


  • According to an article on, Pepsi has stopped selling Pepsi Raw in the UK due to poor sales in supermarkets and other grocery stores. Link


  • New Leaf Brands, Inc. will host delegates from the SABIT (Special American Business Internship Training) Group Program this year. The event brings together business leaders from 7 Eurasian counties to help them better understand the U.S. beverage industry. Link


  • Elizabeth Avery has succeeded Galen Reser as lobbyist and head of PepsiCo's Washington office, according to a recent article on Formerly, Avery was a vice president of global public policy and government affairs for PepsiCo, and she has been with the company for the past six years. Link
  • Working with Continuum, PepsiCo will select six "Innovation Fellows" to work side-by-side with approximately 24 PepsiCo leaders in an 8-session innovation and design workshop. The program kicks off October 15, and participants will receive a $4,000 stipend during the 8-week fellowship. Link