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Review: Alpha Wolf

Posted: Oct 05, 2016 at 5:28 PM (Last Updated: Oct 10, 2016 at 7:10 AM)
Alpha Wolf

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Alpha Wolf is a low calorie line of supplement drinks that were designed to help improve the drinker’s ability to focus. It’s available in four flavors, Lemon, Fruit Punch, Passionfruit Pineapple, and Goji-Pomegranate Mango.

From a taste perspective, there’s no disguising the fact that this is a low-calorie beverage. It uses sucralose, an artificial sweetener, which leaves behind a noticeable aftertaste. The flavorings themselves are all more or less the same: sweet-and-tart, but with aftertastes of functional ingredients and sweeteners. There unfortunately isn’t one particular flavor that seems better than the rest, which is definitely something that they should work on. As it stands right now, you’ll have to tolerate the taste if you want to consume Alpha Wolf.

That leaves the product with its functionality as the key selling point. This is something that works fine for energy or hydration products, but it’s a challenge for something less tangible like “focus.” The product has 150 mg of caffeine per bottle, so consumers will certainly feel that, and a host of vitamins and amino acids. The copy surrounding the functionality largely requires the consumer to take a leap of faith that it’s going to work -- there is nothing on the label that explains what they’ve included or why. Making it feel approachable (it isn’t right now) should be a goal for this product.  

Lastly, there’s the branding. It’s definitely eye catching, but more for its kitsch, including the name and the power button “O” in wolf, than for overall brand appeal. The color scheme is good, but it doesn’t really make sense given the array of fruit flavors that they’ve created. And there’s nothing that really speaks to the consumer in such a way that they are likely to connect with the brand. So while there’s nothing really offensive about this product’s appearance, the danger is that it’ll be passed over simply because it isn’t clear what it is or what it’s offering.

Overall, Alpha Wolf’s brand proposition is something that could certainly work, but it really needs better execution in flavor, design, and messaging.

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